Electrical Foundrymen

Written by Noctivox

With the rise of widespread electricity in major cities such as Iþivis came the construction of Electrical Foundries.

These buildings are powered around the clock by Lightning Men through the use of Sritzara, and have created a high demand for the skill. Though the skill itself brings high regard, few recognize the laborious shifts they must endure and high risk of Soulstrain from their workload.


  • General Education Certification
  • Focused Education Certification in Magic
  • At least three years of experience handling and practicing Sritzara.
  • Must be 19 years of age or older.


Electrical Foundries are buildings typically found in the outskirts of the larger city areas. They vary from location to location, but are generally comprised of large rooms with several large conductors. There can be up to twelve of these machines per room, meaning twelve workers per room at any given time. Workers direct lightning into protruding, spherical ends of the conductors made of metal; the electric surge carries through into another room of storage cells, where the electricity is contained for distribution. From these massive batteries, the electricity can travel through the powerlines, branching off all throughout the city.

Workers must wear metal face-covers, which serve both to protect accidental conduction and to protect their eyes from the immense brightness of the lightning flashes. They are also instructed to wear protective breastplates, which are grounded to the floor.

Through each room, Support Staff patrol the ranks of Lightning Men to keep a regular check on conditions. With 10 hour shifts, Workers can easily overdo themselves; magic draws great amounts of energy from the body and mind, which can easily lead to fatigue and Soulstrain. Support Staff are tasked with ensuring the health of the Lightning Men, providing water and food intermittently.


Lightning Men can work part-time or full-time, with hourly and salary payments respectively.

In Iþivis particularly, part-time Lightning Men can expect a base payment of $23 per hour, with possible raises in the future.

Full-time workers can make upto $90,000 per year upon starting.


  • For the first four months of work, special training is offered to workers to refine their lightning technique.
  • High demand for the relatively unpopular skill allows higher flexibility in the negotiation of wages and/or salary.
  • Due to the inherent dangers, additional compensation is offered in the case of accidents.


  Job Type
Provide electricity to large cities

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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