Drælen (DRAIL-en)

Written by Noctivox

The Drælen, also known as Half-Dragons, were a short-lived species on Vernelis, believed to have gone extinct around the time of the Great Death. They were born of Fælen and Draconic parents and became a much-respected race among the larger cities that were built in ancient times. Drælen were often the royal families of kingdoms, revered with as high worship as the Trinity.


Drælen closely resemble the bipedal structure of the Fælen races, though they can express the vast physical variety of the Dragons, with wings, horns, different scale, feather and/or fur color, etc. Generally, they are/have:

  • Bipedal
  • Two arms
  • Two legs
  • Tails
  • Horns
  • Fur
  • Mentality

    The Drælen were very egotistical, and considered themselves the bridge between mortality- Humans and Fælen- and the divine- Dragons and the Trinity. However, they were strangely humble about their origins in certain ways; they usually refrained from casual practice of magic. Often, it would only be learned and performed in special circumstances to assert authority. But otherwise, practicing magic was considered disrespectful to the gods.

    Sensory Perception / Magic

    The most distinct trait the Drælen inherited from their ancestors was a greater instinctual connection to their Soul. Their use of magic came with a substantially lower risk of Soulstrain, though their Fælen blood was a hindrance and meant they still had to go through training to fully realize their powers.

    Their senses were on par with the typical Ancient of the time, with eyesight and sense of smell in particular being far sharper than a Fælen's. They were also believed to be able to actually see the Auras of mortals, implying that Ancient Dragons also had the same capability.


    Within the royal families that ruled over kingdoms, Half-Dragons were often set to marry members of the same species in order to keep their Ancient heritage as pure as possible. One of the most egregious taboos would be for a Half-Dragon to enter a relationship with a Human, and only slightly more acceptable would be a relationship with a Fælen.

    Reproduction & Genetics

    Offspring are possible between Drælen and Fælen, though they would almost always inherit the majority of their physical traits from the Drælen parent.

    Population (At Peak)
    Est. <1,000,000
    Geographic Distribution
    Nearest the Mountains
    Lifespan Average
    900 years
    Highly Sapient
    Average Height
    190 cm (6'3")
    Average Weight
    80 kg

    Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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