Dragonmind Magic

Written by Noctivox

Dragonmind Magic is the second, more powerful class of magic above Soul Magic.
[Dragonminds] are a menace! They speak the tongue of old gods and think they suddenly are one.
— Ithivian offical

  Dragonminds are those who learn and develop their skills in so-called Dragonmind Magic. It is seen as an extension of the commonplace Soul Magic, and is heavily regulated throughout the world due to its unpredictability in those who are not careful.

The practice itself necessitates a user to learn Aresian, the language of the Ancient Dragons, with mastery coming as a user becomes fluent in the language.

Becoming a Dragonmind is said to fully connect the Soul with the world, as its power can be fully realized. Immense power is granted through the use of the Aresian language, and unique abilities can begin to manifest with its use.


For much of ancient history, magic was considered taboo for mortals to practice; it was a gift from the Roaring Trinity meant only for Dragons.

Even Drælen, who viewed themselves as bridges between mortal and god, believed it was not their place to casually practice magic. It would only be done in special circumstances as a sign of respect to their ancestors.

As the world began its eons-long repair following the end of the Dark Era, the Lord of Time showed great respect for the Fælen race, and in keeping the traditions of the extinct Ancients alive, he decided to bestow the knowledge of the Aresian language upon them. He taught especially gifted mortals of the power it could awake from the Soul. Certain phrases would arouse the Soul, resonate with it, as if the language spoke directly to it. It allowed one much finer control of magical energy, without significantly straining the Soul itself.
As the Jupiter took power and the Celestial Empire came into being, though, Dragonmind magic was heavily regulated and stigmatized in the public-eye. As the magic was barred from the common population, the Aresian language started to dwindle as well. Saturn thought the mass-criminalization of the magic's practice was rather drastic, and took offense to his son's legislation, but as the population grew, and more were coming to learn of magic's power, he understood the risks that such power could bring. He is comforted in the fact that it is still practiced, though, even if beyond the limits of the law.


You wanna think like a dragon, don't ya? Doesn't that seem at least a little cool?

  Becoming a Dragonmind does not require one to only learn how to speak Aresian, its namesake derives from totally internalizing it, thinking in it as fluently as one would their native language. Even those who perform this magic within regulations are not truly considered Dragonminds, as they are not taught to the point of fluency, and many still whisper or mutter phrases to themselves.

Soulless Dragonminds
Just as the Soulless can perform their own form of basic magic, they are also seen to be capable of utilizing the Aresian language as Dragonminds. Little is known how the language can perform similarly for those without a Soul, as it is believed the language's use in magic hinges on the presence of a Soul. This has led some to believe there is something even more fundamental to one's being than a Soul.

The power wielded by a Soulless Dragonmind is not fully understood, nor is it believed to have been explored.
Magic Type
Heavily regulated

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"Dragonmind Magic Is The More Powerful Class Of Magic; Being Above Soul Magic." As an introductory sentence, sounds a little better, I think. Unless, of course, you have more than two types of magic.   I like this idea and how it complements the Soul Magic article. Good Work.