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SonderRüstung 100 (Sd.Rtg 100) "Arminius"

The SonderRüstung 100 (Sd.Rtg 100) "Arminius" was the first of its kind, and was the first to be proven in combat. It is powered by a Sky Crystal diesel engine, which allows the Arminius to operate for extended periods of time with out refuelling. The Arminius has ~15mm of armour, which protected the driver from small arm fire.

Power Generation

v8 Himmelskristall Motor Ausf 4

Weapons & Armament

The Arminius Ausf. A was equipped with twin MG24s mounted on the hull. These machine guns could rotate with a 90 degree field of fire in front of the mech. It was also equipped with a pair of arms that could be used to move debris and fallen trees from it's path.   The Ausf. B was up gunned with a 40mm Autocannon in the hull, and the twin MG24s were moved to the right arm.

Armor and defense

The Arminius has ~15mm of frontal armour.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Arminius is equipped with a short range transistor Radio, equipped with throat mics for the pilot. The Throat Microphone was far superior to the Allied headsets, which aided the pilots in communication in noisy combat zones.


Similar to the Tanks of the PanzerKorp the Arminius was equipped with viewing ports to allow the driver to look about the battle field when the hatches were buttoned up. In fact, the manual for the Arminius recommended leaving the hatch at Half Open Position, to allow for better viewing and target acquisition.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The later models of the Arminius were equipped with internal fire extinguishers.
Owning Organization
2.4 metres
4000 kg
Max: 25 km/hr
Complement / Crew
The Sd.Rtg 100 has a crew of one driver.

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