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Ethernum Crystals

Ethernum crystals are created by the crystallization of arcanized water that occurs at a number of naturally magic-saturated places across Impera, known as arcane nodes. Concentrating a high amount of magic within them, these brittle crystals can be used as a power source when interacting with the correct spells or enchantments that can draw power from them until depleted.   In recent years, the crystals have been used as a power source for simple contraptions holding enchantments and are slowly allowing for the impending invention of Magitech.


Material Characteristics

The crystals are usually 5-10 centimeters in length and found in fist-sized clusters that are rarely being broken up due to a risk of explosion, when saturated with magic.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The crystals are fairly hard and heavy when filled with energy, but become more brittle and thin and easy to shatter. Shattering a depleted crystal is not very dangerous, whilst damage to a fully charged one can cause magical fire and even a violent explosion.

Geology & Geography

The crystals rarely occur naturally, since arcanized water, the compound used to produce them, is created by the active use of magic. The magical forces transforming the water into Ethernum, however, are natural and haven't been successfully replicated by magi yet, and so the crystals are a combination of natural forces acting on artificial components.

Life & Expiration

The crystals' energy expires from the moment they are created, but very slowly, halving the potency of a fully charged cluster if left alone for about seventy years. To this end, crystals can be stored, but storage is usually limited and only kept for a few years, as longer idle periods are considered wasteful and ineffective. The use of fresh crystals is thus preferred.
Ranging from fully opaque to bright blue based on the amount of energy stored within
Melting / Freezing Point
The crystaline structure of Ethernum is very resistant to temperature and has no known melting point
From extremely light and nearly hollow to heavy and dense as lead, depending in the amount of energy stored
Common State
Solid, crystaline

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10 Aug, 2020 16:59

I like the concept of magic being "frozen" into crystals.

18 Aug, 2020 20:04

Thank you, the crystals are quite essential to my world's active usage of magic and I am glad that you like the idea, as simple as it is in its current form.