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V.U.O.A.R ( Veraniosian Union of Alexedrain Races.)

Unchanging and Unmoving

Created by LLamazilla
The V.U.O.A.R. is the strongest power on Veranios as of 2456. Being formed out of the ashes of the brief Lacidian Empire the V.U.O.A.R was formed in 2134 by Drealth Olanedek, Yuloth Dertslth, and Miaght Shauther, who saught to bring back a more refined form of a government system from 2 Governments back, Alexedrianism!


The Alexes are above the Council Members who are above Senetars who are above Represenetives who are above citizens who are above the Fugitives.

Public Agenda

Peace and Prosperity.


The V.U.O.A.R has massive wealth. Having 2 Trillion Cradi (4 Trillion Dollars)

We Stand Strong but Graceful. Solid but Fluid

Founding Date
2134 D.S.E
Geopolitical, Province
Veraniosians 89th
Organization Vehicles

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