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Temple of Nigh' Mada

Created by LLamazilla
The Temple of Nigh' Mada, is a large 40m by 40m

Purpose / Function

The Temple will start the quest "Frozen Moonlight" in which Nigh' Mada grants you the ability to chose what lycanthropy you want to contract, but you cannot undo the change until you have brutally murdered the people he wants you to and you have collected the artifact he needs. once you have finished the quest he grants you the permanent ability to chose when you want to transform, you may also keep your lycanthropy.


Circular, gray, and in ruins


There are many holes and a slightly boarded up entrance.

Sensory & Appearance

The people who enter are mostly overwhelmed by the smell of were-poop. They hear howling and feel cold and stuffy air.


Lycanthropes, and Nigh' Mada.

Contents & Furnishings

The items found in this room are bones, and Nigh' Mada's shrine.



Hazards & Traps


Special Properties

Nigh' Mada uses the temple as a gateway into the mortal realm.


One of the bridges has completely collapsed, and most of the building is falling apart. This is why Nigh' Mada wants the artifacts.


The temple looks like a small cathedral, the temple has stone as it's main building mineral. The outer areas of the temple have very circular designs.


since the buildings contruction nothing has really happened to it.


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1509 of the Cardenbuoch
Alternative Names
The Temple of the Full Moon
Temple / Church
Environmental Effects
Lack of fresh air.

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