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Blood Elves

The Blood Elves, or the Sangiunur are a race of incredibly magically intuitive, red skinned Elves who populate the slums of cities and their home archipelago of Salthea, their homeland's native flora and fauna, as well as their water supply, are all incredibly intoxicating and addictive to be able to cope with their water and food supplies being traded out for the same thing but laced with hard drugs and alcohol the developed a somewhat mystical adaptation to be able to NOT starve or OD. This also lead to them all being hard drug addicts and alcoholics.

Basic Information


Red Skin, Orange, Red, or Brown Hair, Red, Green, Orange, or Brown Eyes, and Pointed Ears.

Genetics and Reproduction

They time pregnant Blood Elves have till delivery is 4.5 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Blood Elves live to be 140 years old.

Ecology and Habitats

The Blood Elves are native to Large Oasis's and vast stretches of "forests".

Additional Information

Social Structure

They have a social structure very similar to ancient Japan.

Facial characteristics

Their faces are usually incredibly long and sharp.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Blood Elves can now be found across Veranios, however they are native to the Salthean archipelago located just off the Western Coast of Reagalis.

Average Intelligence

they are as intelligent as the average medieval person.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

No extra effects or senses outside the normal 5.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Erick, Northander, Selas, Norck, Velos Selia, Inaril, Vera, Selckandse, Erandeck Blockadest, Kepcho, Sleander, Vera, Forckadis

Major Organizations

Solec, Sulthan, Yenea, Nother, and the Yavin Theocracy

Beauty Ideals

Softness in found attractive in Women, and also in Men.

Gender Ideals

The Blood Elves cultural identity finds that gender does not mean much.

Courtship Ideals

Respect Personal Boundaries, but intentionally cause small dysfunctionality in relationships.


The Blood Elves managed to split off of the early Altuthans and found their way to Salthea. during the dawn of civilization the lives as nomads, in small hunter, gatherer tribes. Somehow a group of Blood Elves found their way to the Island of Yavin, where the settled, eventually the discovered agriculture and established Yavin City. starting their expanse until the confronted the Reagalisian peoples, long story short the Saltheans repeled the invaders only to have many of their cities fall apart, leaving them in a never ending dark age... by the beginning of the Blood-Moon Invasion, the only cities standing are, in order of size, Solec, Sulthen, Yenea, Nother, and Yavin City.
Scientific Name
Suron sanguis
Average Height
5.4-6.8ft (1.6-2.1m)
Average Weight
Average Length
Average Physique
They are usually quite scrawny, but have been known to have massive calves.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have red tinted skin.

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