Inner Lightening Scantuary

"Welcome to the Inner Lightening Sanctuary. We're here for you to free your souls from daily sins, and will be by your side the entire time you're recounting what has been weighing you down. Your first, second, and continuing sessions are completely free, compliments of the White Lotus Hotel, and can be done either in one of our official sanctuary rooms or in private in the room you've booked for your stay."  
Official sign near the Sanctuary Door and in the White Lotus Hotel pamphlet   

Public Agenda

Front-facing, the Inner Lightening Sanctuary is here to provide mental, emotion, and spiritual (if needed) relief to all guests staying at the White Lotus Hotel. They have all the documents needed to back up their religious claim (as certified by the hotel) and employ people who are skilled at cold reading their patients.    Their promise is that by giving them your burdens, you will feel refreshed and enlightened.


All assets of the Inner Lightening Sanctuary are currently the property of the White Lotus Hotel.


This group was created for the White Lotus Hotel, by the White Lotus Hotel, so that secrets held by their rich and famous clients could be "farmed" and used in the future for blackmailing purposes or in the present to garner favors with other people.    In the Sanctuary there is a time line of the organization's development, but for the most part this timeline is known to the staff members to be fabricated.

Tenets of Faith

Nobody needs to be "faithful" to keep the rules, but while confessing they need to keep these tenets in mind (the "priest/leader" will remind them if they don't):   
  1. A full confession is a satisfying confession. Don't only say the actions which have been weighing you down, but include the emotions you felt as you did them. . 

Cast off Heavy Thoughts, Enlighten Yourself

Alternative Names
Free Spies


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