Tarran Riflemen

Before the civil war, riflemen were the core of the Tarran Kingdom's military. Today, they serve both the Crown and the League.



The main weapon of a rifleman is a repeating rifle, the most common weapon in any modern military. Every soldier is also equipped with a bayonet which can mounted on the rifle for close quarters combat. Additionally, officers have a sabre at their belt.


Basic riflemen unit is a division made up of 12 thousand soldiers in three brigades of four thousand soldiers each. Each brigade has four regiments of 1000 soldiers each. Regiments are then divided into ten companies of 100 soldiers each.

3 divisions can be grouped into a corps and 2-8 corps can be grouped into an army. However, corps and armies are used in greater strategical plans for logistic and adminstrative purposes. During battles riflemen operate in divisions and smaller units.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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