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Bass Harbor

Where the fish smells nicer than the people.

The Carnival of Curiosities

The Carnival of Curiosities was a traveling carnival that made its final stop in the town of Bass Harbor. It was run by Mollymauk Tealeaf. The carnival originally formed in Lockney. The carnival became the site of a ravenous zombie attack when an old man watching the show became a husk. This led to an investigation by the Crownsguard and the eventual disbanding of the carnival.   Mollymauk Tealeaf. An ostentatious lavender tiefling. He did have an act in the show, he juggled scimitars, read fortunes, and assisted in setup.   Yasha. A burly looking pale woman, she followed behind the procession keeping an eye as a security guard and made sure that nothing got out of hand. She was mentioned to have helped in putting up the carnival tent. During the performance, she confiscated and held the party's weapons, enforcing a weapon ban within the tent for attendees but helped when the party was fighting the Husk.   Toya. A dwarven girl, roughly 12 years of age. She has a beautiful mature voice and had been singing with the carnival for over two years. She had no family and was found singing in the streets for change. She has red rubys in her eye hole where her eyes should be. Her act involved singing from the platform atop the tent pole. Kylre took her with him when he fled, and Kylre's death greatly upset Toya.   Ornna, "The Fire Fairy". A woman of short fiery red hair and dark skin, she wore a simple dress of golds and reds on the night of the carnival. She was a fire dancer that wielded a pair of metallic fans alight with flame.   Kylre, aka the "Devil-Toad". An enormous creature with green scaled slimy-looking skin and a corpulent form. Described as looking like an obese lizard man, he was bipedal though hunched when he walked, using his forearms for support. He had toad-like legs framing a rotund torso and muscular arms. His act involved acting violent and then soothed by Toya's song. He appeared to rescue Toya from the chaos of the old man transforming into a husk. Later it appeared he was a Nerrglith feeding off of Toya.     Extra
Bj√∂rn and Evy found a little box with a celestial scoll inside.     Other NPCS
Altalas Elendiir - Lawmaster
Kosus - medial expert
Leo Crewe - old dead man at the circus
Tavern: The Broken Bottle Inn
Owner: Ombul TellPenny, Male Halfling     Blacksmith: The Swordfish
Owner: Trym Littlefoot, Female Dwarf     Alchemist: The Lover's Alchemical Academy
Owner: Thea Goodbarrel, Female elf     Bookstore: The Sunken Library
Owner: Eida Swiftwhistle, Female Halfling     General Store: The Golden Compass
Owner: Manfred Churchill, Male Human

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