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Verona Elmahdy

Empress Verona Elmahdy (a.k.a. The Warrior Queen of the Wastes)

Verona, Empress of the Valcoran Empire, longest ruling monarch in the history of Torrezon.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Verona is in perfect martial condition, and is said to be able to fight from dawn till dusk without needing to rest.

Body Features

Verona's skin is an unnatural white, a result of the Holy Rite of Salvation. While she still carried the physical characteristics of one born in Torrezon, her skin matches much more closely with someone born in Kordairia in Koria, or in The Eltaran Empire.

Facial Features

She carried a scar that stars above her right eye, and ends below the cheekbone, a mark that she earned during the Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict. Her eyes are said to be a soft burgundy in color, fairly close to that of a dark red wine.   On her forehead, she bares a symbol tattooed into her skin. The meaning of the symbol is up for some debate.

Specialized Equipment

Verona is a master of the Greatsword, and wears one constantly. She is also known to be quite a gifted rider, and is said to havee a small stable of Chiton in The Upper Wastes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Verona was the last of her line in the Valcoran Empire, and oversaw its fall. She is said to have reached out near the end to ask the Gods for help and something else reached back and made her an offer:

Oversee the interment of the dead, as in the days of old, and I I will grant you eternal life, bound in service, and an Empire that will outlive the very earth.
  No one truly knows the outcome, but she has endured for hundreds of years due to a Ritual called The Holy Rite of Salvation, known only to the upper priesthood. A rite she extends to those of the priesthood who prove their loyalty and service to her, above all else.


Verona began her education at the age of four. The highest members of the Order of the Ibis Feather were brought daily to meet with her, and to tutor her on the study of mathematics, economics, history, and etiquette. She was also tutored by memebers of The Church of Osirant in clerical ways, and the study of the Gods. At the age of ten she began martial training. She was taught how to fight with sword, shield, mace, longsword, greatsword, warhammer, and spear. She was taught how to fight mounted and against a mounted combatant, naval combat, and how to lead and maneuver armies. At the age of fifteen, she was ordered to serve with a military company of the elite guard, touring the empire and meeting the people, while gaining first hand experience in combat against pirates and bandits. At twenty five she left to live with the Church of Osirant full time, and dedicated herself to the Order learning more and more about divine magics and their use to protect, and destroy.


From age fifteen she was employed as a member of an elite formation of Valcoran Infantry known as The Spears of the Waste. At age twenty five, she ascended to the throne and became Empress of The Valcoran Empire. At age thirty two, she revived the fabled The Church of Osirant, rebranding it as The Order of the Dead, and took her place as the head of the Order.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Verona was the only person in the history of The Spears of the Waste to be allowed to join with no prior military experience. Many felt that this was an unfair event, due to the strict requirements the group had for admitting members, but none were voices aloud, and her unparalleled skill with the blade soon tempered the judgement.   She was the second youngest Empresses to ascend to the role within the history of the empire.   She commanded the remaining military of the empire near the end of the conflict with Eltar, and is credited with their complete rout and within a months time the recapture of two thirds of the continent that they had controlled for several years.   She reestablished The Order of the Dead after the conflict with Eltar, rebuilding their numbers and changing them into a religious military organization.   She reunified The Valcoran Empire after its Second Collapse.   She oversaw the construction of The Wall of Tears and the Warding Wall, and the rebuilding of Semunet and Apsoset.

Failures & Embarrassments

She oversaw the empire during The Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict, and witness the decimation of The Valcoran Empire at the hands of the Eltaran Military. Two thirds of the empire (the entirety of The Lower Basin and The Middle Plains fell and were under Eltaran control.) Most of the citizens that dwelt there in were either executed or held as prisoner.   After the victory, she was also witness to the second collapse of The Valcoran Empire, and the exodus of many of those taken prisoner to the land of Koria in an attempt to find a more secure homeland, causing the empire as a whole to collapse within itself, and temporarily break into two separate parts; the people in The Lower Basin, and the ruling seat in The Upper Wastes.

Mental Trauma

After suffering so many losses during The Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict, Verona has a sever distrusts of all those not naturally born within The Valcoran Empire. She believes that the world outside the empire seeks to destroy her and her people, and that only her might as a leader can protect them from the uncountable horrors of the world.

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

My power holds this Empire together. MINE! I AM the Empire. If I had to choose to sacrifice the entire Lower Basin to keep myself alive I would without a second thought. They can all be replaced..
~ Verona, during the Eltaran Incursion - 357 BS

Personality Characteristics


Verona will protect The Valcoran Empire and all that dwell within its borders from any and all perceived threats that may exist in the outside world.   She is also known to be extremely protective of her daughter, being as she is the last in her bloodline and the next to take the throne should Verona die. It is rumored that should anything happen to her daughter, Verona would wage war on the Gods themselves.

Vices & Personality flaws

Verona has a terrible temper. Were she not in such a place of absolute power, it would be a tremendous hindrance.

Divine Classification
While not truly a Demi-God, like her kin of old, Verona still has the blood of Osirant in her veins, and has the ability to preform miracle acts close to that of a true deity.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
The Upper Wastes
The Order of the Dead
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Mad Queen of the Wastes.
Protector of the Faith.
The Sword of the Empire.
Year of Birth
-632 (995 years old)
The Upper Wastes
Current Residence
Biological Sex
While it is known that Verona has a daughter, it is unknown as to whether or not she sees sex as a physical need, or rather that of simply a requirement to continue her line.
Gender Identity
Verona is and was born female.
Skin Tone
A pale, almost unnatural white.
6' 5''
197 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Valcoran Empire
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Torrese.

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