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4th Month, 12th of Day of 363 AS

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Vel'Kora is a Material Plane of existence within with Dungeons and Dragons universe. A world wracked by elemental conflicts, power hungry empires, old cults of forgotten gods and ancient evils.   A world left behind by many of the old powers and Gods long long ago, Vel'Kora developed by itself, mostly untouched by Celestial hands. Life was left to its own devices, kingdoms and empires rising and falling by mortal influence alone.   Ssashan and Torrezon, old birthplaces of Humanities power and outward view of the world now sit as a shambles of what they once were. One a jungle of ruins, a mostly forgotten continent that holds a great secret power only a certain few are even dimly aware of. The other ruled by a insane, fanatical cult, determined to drive the history of the continent from the memory of its citizens, and desperately trying to keep its dark heart a deep, dark secret from the world.   The Grand Empire of Eltar, holding itself as the shining example that all the world should aspire to. Considering itself to be THE greatest empire that can, has, or ever will grace the face of the world, it sits as a hollow shell of its former greatness, struggling to sustain itself under the rule of a powerful and mysterious Emperor.   Koria, a land once of great city states and ancient ruins from the Molding of the world, now broken and reshaped by a cataclysmic event called The Sunder, which ripped holes into the Elemental Planes, allowing great and powerful Evils to enter and wage war upon the Material Plane and the Gods who came to try and save it. Now these Evils lay dormant, or so it is believed, while subtle powers and ancient Cults try to work against one another for control of the continent and the power that lies within its heart.   I do not own or claim to own any images used. If you are the owner of any images used here in and would like it removed, please let me know and I will be happy to take it down.

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Tales of Vel'Kora: Torrezon Part I

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

The first part of the Torrezon Campaign

0 players • The Campaign is Full



  • Map of World Map of Vel'Kora

    A map of the Known World of Vel'Kora

  • Map of The Middle Plains

    The Middle Plains of Torrezon. The dry and dusty portion of the continent, full of history.

  • Map of Koria

    Koria, Land of the Sunder

  • Map of Torrezon

    Torrezon, home of The Valcoran Empire, oldest seat of humanity that still holds power within the world.   The continent is divided not only by man-made walls, but also by geographic region into three separate locations.

  • Map of Hessuth

    The town of Hessuth.

  • Map of The Free City of Amoth

    The Free City of Amoth. Shining jewel of The Blacklands. The trade center for the entire continent of Koria .

  • Map of The Blacklands

    The Blacklands , formerly known as the Kingdom of Tela'thanir, is located in the center of the continent of Koria.

  • Map of Farrun Islet

    Farrun Islet is the small middle islet in The Lower Basin of Torrezon. Known best for Hebbesport and the town of Hebbes, as well as the multiple farms of ___ that are grown only in this small landmass.