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Session 20 Report - The lost session

General Summary

[This was written more than 8 months after the session was done, so a lot of details are missing, let me know if you remember anything happening. Due to this, XP has also been rounded off, you guys just levelled up to level 6 if I remember correctly.]   After accidentally summoning an evil spirit in an attempt to fix the dead magic zone of Oppor Kryss, and witnessing something that will likely prove to be She-Who-Steals-The-Flame, the party makes its way south and decides to check out Brandersford Estate, a small estate located to the north of Rannalla. On the way there, the party decides to find shelter in an abandoned farm house for the night. Yerin decides he'll dig up the grave in the backyard, after finding out an elf if buried there and angers a spirit that approaches him while he is sleeping in the tree above the robbed grave. The spirit appears with a glowing white frost and scolds him for opening the grave, but decides against violence. After returning the stolen items, the rest of the party convinces Yerin that the spirit has marked him for death.   During the night, Rho has a vision of a mountain and a landed bird of prey that cannot escape from its peaks. In the morning it is revealed that the mountain is one in the Silvertop Mountains to the south, bordering Rannalla. The party turns around and heads towards the mountains instead.    Closing in on their destination, the party arrives at a small village located at the crossroads west of Rannalla, named Cosades' Rest, and comes across a group of villagers that are apparently moving out of the village after a dragon was spotted over the village in days past. They were unsure about its color however. The party also asked about Barathon of Greyhaven, the self proclaimed dragon scholar they met earlier, and were told that he was in the town, but after interrogating the villagers about the creature, he left for Rannalla.    During their stay in the village, the party rented a room in the tavern and did some work by themselves. Grohim used his magic to repair a small shrine to the Six that was left destroyed in the town square. Yerin drank with an old layabout in the tavern, which told him about a certain lady that lives in the mountains close by. He told him that she was called "Old Lady Hardtoe" and was quite a looker back in her day. But he hasn't been able to make the journey in years due to his back.   After a while, the party retreated to their rooms and when morning came, Rho heard a familiar scratching and pecking on the window of his room, to be greeted by Hooward.

Rewards Granted

New XP total: 15000   XP to level 7: 8000
Report Date
11 Jun 2021

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