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9 Harvest 4E 30

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It is a strange and turbulent time on the continent of Velandris. After a few centuries-long rule under the Barradin Empire, the lands were all relatively peaceful. Trade flowed freely, and expeditions to far off lands were performed. Mankind was thriving.   On the first day of the Fourth age, a great event, known as The Melding occured, which breathed magic into the world. with it however, came monsters and corruption.   Afterwards, the Great Barradin Empire had to deal with the constant misuse of magic, as people tried to seize power for themselves, using their newfound powers. On the other hand, the land was suddenly fraught with all kinds of monsters, making travel difficult, and dangerous. As the Empire's influence faltered, it was forced to retreat back into its innermost territories, known as the Heartlands. The surrounding human lands are now in a constant state of strive between the power struggles and unnatural creatures, which were formerly only known in myth and legend.   In an effort to protect man and their beliefs, the Cantraian Church of the Six revived the ancient order of the The Inquisition , which stands vigil against the unholy arts of magic and witchcraft. Those born with inherent magical gifts, or those that seek to cultivate them, will be punished. Often by the only permanent solution: Death.   While power continues to shift in the Outer Regions, many travel there to find their fame and fortune. Perhaps, you are among them.   9 Harvest 4E 30  
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