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Picture a basketball. You see it? Simple and spherical, right? Wrong. When you focus in on the material, there are billions of atoms, forming molecules and layers, with infinite space within each nuclei.   Reality, or Velaiar as the Song-Smiths call it, is like that. Evenfar rests at the center of the multiverse, anchoring and connecting all realities as Lyrianur’s dwelling. From there, infinite layers of realities spread, grow, and bloom into multifaceted reality.   Only two things are constant through every universe- Lyrianur and humans, although none are quite sure what makes a human. Other kinds are teachers and guardians of humans, but they are not the same in each universe.   Of course, there’s Xyren. He can’t be everywhere though. As long as you stay far away from the Snarls, you’ll be fine. But still, if you meet anyone offering you everything in exchange for your service to Xyren, flee far, far away and under no circumstance lead them here. They will offer it even to those who they know will never agree in hopes of finding us.   No, if you meet one, go and hide somewhere for a few centuries. Wait for them to lose interest and think you have abandoned the war altogether. Better to be thought a coward than to bring disaster to the last hope we might have. We can afford no risks right now. If the spark of hope is to remain lit, we must protect it above all else until the time arrives when we can let it free to breathe and burst to life. But until then, stay low, stay hidden, work only from the shadows. Make no open move, for we do not have the strength to oppose them.
— Laikan, Lord-Regent of the Yllren


  • Map of Periera

    Once, a proud colony world of the Terran Conglomerate that boasted that it would be the next crown jewel within their stellar empire, despite its difficult climate and proximity to its local star. However, with a few decades of terraforming, the world began to take on the feeling of an earthly tropical paradise. Yet unfortunately, the Last War swept across the galaxy and crushed the space-based civilization. Unable to maintain the Gateways, Periera was abandoned early in the war, sparing it the later atrocities that left hundreds of worlds lifeless. But they still suffered, first in an initial raid that annihilated a major military installation, and then as the terraforming technology slowly began to degrade as its secrets were forgotten.   Now two centuries later, the terraforming process has begun to come undone and the world is dying. Those who survive in their scattered nomadic trips struggle to find a way to preserve their world even as civilization itself is beginning to unravel.