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Lady Tatania is the first born of Corellon. She rules The Elder Court and is still regarded as the true head of The Summer Court.

Divine Domains

Sun, Elf, Balance.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A sun rising over a green field.

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale skin, with long blonde hair that trails along the ground behind her.

Facial Features

Blue eyes without irises, extremely fine features, high cheekbones.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tatania was the first of the Elder Fey to be truly 'born' from Corellon, though like her brothers and sisters, she existed before hand as a mote manifested out of raw natural energy that followed after Corellon, feeding off of the essence he exuded into the world around him.   As the story goes, Corellon was within what would now be called The Feywild, passing by a tree when he stopped to admire its beauty. The motes of energy danced around him as he admired the trunk of the tree, reveling in the twists in its bark from the years of its growth. One mote danced along his palm and as he noticed it, an idea grew within him. He took the mote of energy and placed it within the tree. The mote twisted and and writhed within the tree, slowly growing more and more powerful as Corellon infused it with power until the tree split open and a beautiful sprang from the inner core.
The Birth of Tatania
  Corellon gifted her with a name, which she still recalls as being the single strongest moment of joy in her entire existence, and she assisted him in bringing the other Elder Fey into being.
Divine Classification
Elder Fey
Current Location
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Myths

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