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Vegas is the largest and oldest casino planet in human civilization. The planet is known for its fast life, gangs, and corrupt business. The world is located in the system of the same name. The Vegas System Government controls the planet.  


Historically, gambling has been the most lucrative industry on Vegas. It rakes in roughly half of the planet's GDP. As a result, the world has been mostly unaffected by the Galactic Depression; in fact, millions of customers arrive every year because of the economic decline.   Official numbers don't represent the rampant black market economy. Arms smuggling, human (and alien) trafficking, narcotics, and other illegal activities are common behind the scenes of the planet.  


Prostitution, narcotics, human trafficking, and firearms are all banned on Vegas. Despite this, crime is common and subtly endorsed by corrupt government officials. The Vegas Police Department often turns a blind eye to crimes committed by large gangs that pay them off. This side of Vegas isn't shown on the tourist postcards, but it's well known by anyone who has researched the planet.  

Major Locations

  • Big Tokyo - The Yakuza run this Japanese style city. The Oda Clan owns most of the city, while their rival, the Kyushu Clan, owns the rest.
  • Oasis City - Various mobs own this neon-lit city. The government collaborates with the crime syndicates quite often in the Oasis.
  • The Frontier - The areas outside the cities are extremely dangerous, filled with exotic creatures, bankrupt gamblers, enemies of the families, and has little in the way of government assistance.


While Vegas is a melting pot of cultures from all across space, many mannerisms, traditions, and habits mark the planet's populous. Here is a list of common slang:  
  • Grape - Term for local police because of their purple uniforms.
  • Banger - A gun, usually illegal.
  • Prod - A prostitute.
  • The Bank - A casino known for making gamblers broke.

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