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Ticonderoga is a planet located in the Vegas System. The planet runs on produce from farming and is one of the many sources of food for Vegas. The world is often used as a stepping stone when entering the system before traveling to Vegas itself. The residents of Ticonderoga are modest and hard working. They are just trying to eke out an existence in such a rough time for the galaxy.  


The economy of Ticonderoga is primarily fueled by agriculture and tourism. Most of the tourists are simply staying at the planet for a few days at a time before departing for Vegas.  


The planet is so sparsely populated that crime is rare among residents. Most of Ticonderoga's crime rate comes from tourists and poachers. The vast majority of residents are armed, something that the VSG purposely overlooks.  


Residents tend to be human, though a small contingent of alien refugees have found a home in the planet's agrarian lifestyle.

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