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Dune Kings

The Dune Kings are a pirate gang that operates within the Vegas System, with their base of operations in the Frontier.  

Gang Culture

The gang was founded in 2140 when a group of exiled gangsters decided to organize a community in the Frontier. At first, they just wanted to survive the harsh desert environment, but eventually they found a profit in shady activities that the local government couldn't monitor in their location. Despite business being relatively slow compared to the fast streets and bright lights of the inner cities, the Kings have made use of the few advantages they have in their situation.   The gang deals in the drug trade, slavery, and any activities the inner city crime syndicates are too afraid or principled to touch. Most of the guns found on Vegas come from the Dune Kings, usually built and sold in the Frontier. Their weapons are known for being straightforward, cheap, and incredibly durable in harsh environments.  

Status and Law Enforcement

The Vegas Rangers have made several attempts to get rid of the gang, but limited resources and commitment from the government has halted progress. The gang has found a surprisingly lucrative and safe business from law enforcement.   The biggest threat to Dune King control over the Frontier is the Blood Snakes, who want to turn the area into an even more lawless and brutal place rather than a thriving (if illegal) community.

Illicit, Gang
Manufactured Items

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