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2182 AD

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The year is 2182, humans have colonized hundreds of planets across the galaxy. The colonization industry boomed, creating the largest and longest lasting bubble in human history. That bubble popped, and the biggest economic downfall since the Great Depression hit too.   The first alien species was discovered in 2132 on Golgotha, Marah System. A surge in alien encounters spurred over the next several years, and man realized he was not alone.   This story focuses on a casino planet called Vegas, one of the first colonized worlds. Just about every single game known to civilization is hosted here for cash. Which, in turn, is why it's also one of the few planets that hasn't buckled under the weight of the recent depression.   Millions flock to Vegas for the opportunity and vice that it provides in such a dark era for the galaxy, and many will realize that Vegas isn't all bright lights and good times.