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    Live Fiction Novel: The Hands of Destinee, Book 2: Destinee's Call


    2312.06.23 > 2312.08.17 EVT

    By Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull and M H Biscup  

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    The Hands of Destinee, Book 1: A Date with Destinee

    Tue, Dec 21st 2021 04:59   Edited on Sat, Jan 1st 2022 03:58

    Book 2: Destinee's Call - 1 (ENDED)


    Science Fantasy, Romance
      Navarch Jake Lawrence leaned back as he surveyed the restaurant, resting his arms along the top of the wraparound booth seating. He'd been a bit disappointed at the booth, hoping instead to tease his date by requesting the removal of all the other chairs so she'd have to sit in his lap, but the night was still young. If things went as planned, he'd have plenty of opportunity to tease her later.   She'd selected The Grand for their meal this evening, an upscale restaurant with a focus on a cozy, intimate feel, its dim yellow lighting reluctantly revealing dark wood tables and comfortable brown leather seating. The hushed conversations gave way to the usual sudden silence at his entrance before resuming a relaxed and friendly hum once he slid into the offered booth and disappeared from view in the darkness.   Not that the darkness hid The Grand from his view, Felix's Oramathea enhancing his own vision to reveal the restaurant and its patrons as clearly as if they'd been sitting in broad daylight. His date had thoughtfully requested a corner booth with a view of the entryway, both to the restaurant lobby and the kitchen across the dining room, allowing him a perfect vantage point to ensure her safety from any potential threats.   He didn't anticipate any this time, but always best to be prepared.   Feeling a new Mordena approaching Jake turned his eyes to the entryway and there she was, her soft brown hair briefly obscuring her face as she nodded politely to the host before stepping into the dining room. Lira Destinee Noakes, his fiesty Latmaro, the freelance reporter a dream of feminine curves and confidence in her standard dark blue, this time a comfortable-looking yet attractively cut long sleeve dress ending slightly above her ankles, revealing a sensible pair of matching heels.   Her eyes locked onto his from across the room, and suddenly no one else mattered.

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