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Necromancy is a Wholesome Science

Centuries have passed since Fillimet's idyllic past. Technological advances have led to countless new discoveries and understandings of the ways of the universe, and with them changes in the mindsets of its people. The innumerable planetary colonies scattered throughout Vazdimet have formed and broken alliances in a long history of adaptation and subjugation in their race to claim the stars.   With conflict once more poised to fracture the galaxy, the people of Vazdimet prepare yet again to defend the only thing that truly matters.   Home.

What is Vazdimet?

Vazdimet is a universe on the verge of war, its patchwork of alliances fracturing under the strain of political maneuvering and distrust of those unknown and different. Within this landscape an assortment of factions wrestle for power over their neighbors, or peace for their allies. The limits of magical technological knowledge are pushed relentlessly by those seeking an edge in the coming wars, while scavengers lurk in the shadows eager to tear through the aftermath for personal profit. Heroes and rivals rise and fall in the ebbs and flows of battles across the void of space and the hearts and minds of their people, each seeking their own version of immortality.  

Magic of Vazdimet

Magic remains a crucial component of the universe, serving as the backbone of countless advances in technology. As the needs of the population change so too do the applications of magic to fulfill daily needs.   With the ready availability of magic comes large impacts upon society. Death is merely the beginning of a new phase of life as souls are harnessed to craft intelligent devices and computronics. Travel between the stars relies upon interdimensional portals, and spacecraft are designed around housing the items and biomes necessary for generating the magical fields to power their desired magics within the voids of space.  

Factions of Vazdimet

The populace has divided into various factions centered around their core values, needs, and beliefs. Most of these remain at odds with each other over competition for key resources and discoveries, or merely the drive for power. Some strive to form mutually beneficial alliances with those around them, while others thrive on the thrills of subjugating those who cannot withstand their power.

Themes of Vazdimet

With Vazdimet I will be exploring similar themes as in Fillimet, but in different ways. Time moves relentlessly forward, and the universe progresses with it. Truths from the past twist and adapt to better fit the present.  

Politics and Conflict

Vazdimet has become a universe torn asunder by squabbles over power, territory, and control. Sometimes the strong prey on the week, sometimes the powerful defend the defenseless, and sometimes the helpless discover they are not as hopeless as they appear. I will be exploring the different facets of these conflicts and how each group reacts and interacts with themselves and with others.  

Personal and Organizational Motivations

Just as with Fillimet, I will be exploring the motivations of individuals and how these core motivations and beliefs can change and be changed by a person and their experiences over time. Hubris, redemption, corruption, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of... something are just a sampling of the motivations that will come into play. Vazdimet is also a universe of conflict and alliances, where people cling tighter to what and who they know even while continuing to pushing the boundaries of exploration and science.  

Magic as Technology

Of course technology remains a core of my worldbuilding. New discoveries in magic and technology will alter the way they are used and their place in society. I intend to explore these changes to show how the Magic of Fillimet has been adapted, applied, and reclassified now that even the vast expanse of space has begun to yield its secrets, as well as the long term impacts of many of these changes on expectations and societal norms.  

The Meaning of Death

Not even the dead have seen the end of war.
Due to the operations of Necromancy defined in Fillimet, the afterlife becomes just another state of existence. When death itself is considered nothing more than a doorway between possibilities, when Afterlife Planners work to assist the deceased and the well-prepared in fulfilling their goals and dreams after death, the value of life and death changes and adapts. I am looking forward to exploring this aspect of Vazdimet, as I am sure it will lead me down some unique pathways.

Personal Background

Vazdimet is the manifestation of the science fiction world that has graced my notebooks since I was in elementary school. Many of the characters of Vazdimet have lived within my mind since my days daydreaming during class, and this is the universe of my early attempts at novel writing.   While the characters have remained similar through the years the setting itself has not, constantly shifting in name and details to adjust to my preferences as I grew, until finally it became apparent that Vazdimet was not science fiction as I had originally believed but rather had become a future setting for Fillimet itself. And with that, Vazdimet began its final transformation into the universe presented here for your reading pleasure.  
Angela Biscup
Character | Sep 2, 2020

About the Author: Angela has a difficult time talking about herself, but in case you are curious as to the author of this particular world she has written herself to her best abilities.


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R. Dylon Elder
7 Apr, 2021 18:06

Omg it's all connected. Oooo I like the theme! Excellent css. So many shiny things. I shall enjoy this world I think. The ships cultivate biomes so magic can be used!? That's pretty cool.

8 Apr, 2021 02:38

I am really looking forward to exploring how magic works in space versus not in space. Going to be making myself a chart to map things out after I finish Fillimet's magic. (8 to go!) So excited to see you here. <3

Author of Fillimet, bright fantasy land of possibilities, and Vazdimet, its darker spacefaring future.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
8 Apr, 2021 02:51

Excited to be here! Cant wait.

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