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    Razalle Bosa

    President Razalle Bosa (she/her)

    Razalle surveyed the room again, a smaller more intimate meeting space instead of her usual grand office, lit tonight by candlelight spread strategically throughout. The candles are probably too much. They were popular with her usual fare but likely a bit obvious for tonight's special guest. She reached out to replace them with the more traditional lamps but in that moment her secretary ushered in her visitor, sending an exaggerated wink at Razalle before closing the door behind her.   He's even sexier in person. She fondled her necklace while taking a moment to admire him, a fierce figure of muscle and willpower wrapped in a sharp pressed military cut suit of stately black. His intense orange eyes flickered in her mind like the candle flames reflecting off his burnt ochre skin.   He raised an eyebrow. "Are you having trouble with your lighting?"
      Crafty and ambitious, Razalle Bosa is known for using both her words and her curves to great advantage for her people and her planet. A rising political star, Bosa currently serves as the duly elected President of the Freehold planet of Libara.

    Mental characteristics

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Boasting a long and successful political career, Bosa is personally responsible for a great many treaties and agreements unifying the countless continents and organizations of the planet of Libara, one of the many planets within the The Freeholds. She also assisted in the negotiation of many of the trade agreements with the Vardan and neighboring Freehold planets, ensuring Libara's continued success.   Bosa currently serves as the duly elected President of Libara, an easy choice given her popularity. Her keys to success remain an open secret, relying upon a combination her aptitude of identifying the motivations of those negotiatiating, her cleverness in applying those motivations to her advantage, and a ravenous appetite for the intimate attentions of her adversaries at the table.

    Failures & Embarrassments

    Bosa was instrumental in obtaining the military protections from the Mordena mercenaries, ensuring Libara's continued independence. This proved a unique challenge upon her repertoire, as her efforts to seduce the Mordena's founder, the mysterious and powerful Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence, failed spectacularly, ending with his abrupt departure from her office via Hyperjump.   Negotiations resumed a week later, this time with the Grand Navarch's fourteen year old son, Jake Cartwright Lawrence, as his first foray into the public eye. Forced outside her usual methods, Bosa struggled to adapt. While she did successfully obtain particularly generous contract terms, only agreeing to provide the Mordena with resources Libara could easily afford to spare in return for their military muscle, she could never shake the feeling that she'd also provided the canny teenager with everything he sought. To this day she wonders what that may have been.  
    The Mordena founder was still standing just inside the door, hands clasped behind his back as he politely diverted his gaze out the window.   Damn. He's going to be a challenge. Perhaps a shift in tactics. She straightened her dress again, gliding back to him with a nervous smile. Reaching his side once more she tapped him lightly on the buttocks, indicating an available chair with her other hand. "Would you like to sit down? I..." She bit her lip and averted her eyes to twist her dress nervously, the fabric rising to reveal her entire leg, before shyly meeting his gaze again. "I've never negotiated anything of quite this importance before." She flashed him a hopeful smile. "Not quite sure how you prefer to do this, so I'll just follow your lead?"
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    golden curls
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    All work and no play makes for a tense day at the office. Won't you join me for a bite? I'll go first.
    — Razalle Bosa
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    29 Aug, 2021 19:07

    The short story with her will never not be funny. Nice to see an article about her, and I like that she uses her feminine wiles to her advantage.   I wonder if you mean 'canny' rather than 'uncanny' in the line about Jake, though uncanny probably works. XD

    29 Aug, 2021 20:29

    You are right, thanks!   And yes, she wasn't originally going to get an article, but I'm happy she has one. I do love that story. It may end up as part of a book eventually.

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    Sage Dylonishere123
    R. Dylon Elder
    9 May, 2022 17:30

    Day two! Another awesome character. So good start. Lol i like how we have a political figure this time, and a successful one at that. I imagine it was quite a shock to find Shane immune to her charms. I may have to read negotiations soon. It sounds like quite the story.

    9 May, 2022 22:25

    That one is short. (It might end up a chapter in a novel way down the line, but it works well as a standalone here). It's definitely a trip. I had to research seduction techniques to write it which is not exactly a favorite topic of mine so you can imagine how much that story wanted to be written. Haha!

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