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    Commander Acer Mazzard

    Commander Acer Mazzard (a.k.a. Ace) (he/him)

    Known as "Ace" to his friends, Commander Acer Mazzard is a talented and Cosmically Attuned Battle Mage with a deep love of his family, children in general, and the Mordena. He commands a Special Forces unit consisting of talented mages with young children, meaning that while his unit is officially attached to the HMJ Relentless, they have largely been assigned to calmer defense missions to allow their families to accompany them.   Despite this arrangement Acer has been known to request the lead an assortment of high stakes efforts involving the rescue of children from unfortunate circumstances.

    Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Daoff turned his attention to their Commander, a hook nosed gentleman with stern ice blue eyes. While his subordinates carried a full arsenal between them he stood unarmed, his only adornment a thick hinged belt of carefully crafted Starmetal. Void Mage.   Cursing under his breath, Daoff held his ground. "I am not leaving."
      Commander Mazzard maintains an admirable physical fitness well suited for his role as a Void Mage within the Mordena Special Forces. He is also quite agile for a mage, preferring not to rely solely upon his magic.

    Special abilities

    Commander Mazzard is Cosmically Attuned, allowing him to borrow magical power from the stars or starmetal to augment the strength of his own spellwork. He uses this capability with devastating effectiveness.

    Specialized Equipment

    While on duty Acer always wears a belt crafted of Starmetal, to ensure the highest level of preparedness when faced with any challenge. He needs no other armaments, although he is not against "borrowing" them from his opponents when the need arises.


    Family Ties

    The Void Mage Commander from the Embassy emerged from the doorway, a toddler wrapped around his left leg and a preteen hiding behind his right. "I, too, have a son," he answered Daoff's quizzical glance. "I'm sure he'd love to talk about the resources we have available here, if Jace is interested."
      In addition to the Mordena, Acer maintains a close relationship with his wife and their son and daughter (Lisa). They follow him on his more peaceful postings, with his wife stepping in to assist with any organizational tasks required at their destination. Acer is the only one involved with the military services of the Mordena, and as a result is typically assigned to more relaxed postings focusing largely on defense rather than offense despite his skills at both.

    Social Aptitude

    Imposing and confident when the situation demands, and capable of commanding respect with his mere presence, Acer prefers a more relaxed demeanor when possible. He's particularly fond of children and will specifically request missions involving the rescue of minors, despite his usually comfortable postings guarding dignitaries and Mordena embassies.

    Hobbies & Pets

    While Acer and his family do not possess any pets of their own, his unit includes a small fylox pack which are treated as pets of the unit and their families when the animals are amenable to the arrangement.   He is the Captain of a Blade Dancing team, the Relentless Raiders, composed largely of members of his own Special Forces team.
    Known Magic
    Portal Travel
    Shielding Magic
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Current Residence
    Presented Sex
    ice blue
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations

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    8 Oct, 2021 12:35

    I want him as my commander! What a great guy!

    8 Oct, 2021 16:03

    Acer is great. I am looking forward to writing more about him, although he does appear as a minor character in Blood and Water.

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    28 Oct, 2021 12:08

    Ace <3

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