Goliath Cleric of Nature and Monk of the Kensei

Zanroc Lukinavi (a.k.a. Primeheart)

From the depths of the Skyroot Forest, this goliath lives in an expanse of land surrounded by stone walls and harsh magical undergrowth known as the Skyroot Estate. As a devout follower of the deities Quarra and Uhn, he practices his own faith by tending gardens and spending quality time among the local flora and fauna. In the recent months, he has expanded his work into the city of Cinderhaven and thusly has made a name for himself as a stalwart protector of the common folk and an accomplished gardener and landscaper.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strongly built but lean where most goliaths bulk with muscle, Primeheart appears to be built for speed. His broad shoulders and slimmer waist denotes a history with jobs requiring strength and endurance.

Body Features

His goliath heritage permits no hair growth and only provides natural stripe and swirl patterns, along with stony growths, randomly dispersed along his grey skin. He maintains his nails well and is adamant about utilizing fragrances to mask the dirt and sweat collected from his work.

Facial Features

His eyes are dark mossy green with flecks of gold near the pupils. Distinct markings run down his face and a dark splotch covers his eyes and across the bridge of his nose.

Identifying Characteristics

Natural dark stripes run along his body and face. He has a piercing in his left ear that contains a magenta feather from Kepesk. He has a tattoo on his chest of the crossed arrows fletched with wheat, a symbol of Quarra. He also has a ring of a prayer in Giant with 100's of tally marks, representing the lives he saved during the Leviathan attack. On his left hip is the word "Gobliath", representing not only his relationship with the Green Iron Village, but also his friendship with Lark.

Physical quirks

If not moving, he will fidget energetically. Primeheart is averse to bad smells, specifically foul body odor, decay, etc. He always wears natural fragrances, specifically blackberry and mint.

Special abilities

Divine magicks gifted by his service to Quarra and to Nature itself. He also possesses basic hand-to-hand combat, mixed with expert archery training, both a shadow of his childhood training brought back to himself from personal training at his estate.

Apparel & Accessories

On his right hand is a leather archery gauntlet that has the wooden holy symbol of Uhn in its palm. He normally wears a wide leather hood with a sleeveless leather jerkin connected. On his waist are cotton trousers and several pouches and bags. Due to his estate's rugged surroundings, he normally walks in heavy leather boots.

Specialized Equipment

A gift from his mentor is a carved longbow that he has learned to wield. He had experience using a pitchfork in combat, so the purchase of his current trident was necessary.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the mountain town of [REDACTED], Primeheart showed promise with his studies of local flora and fauna, but didn't achieve the martial standard desired by the community. He was gifted the name Primeheart by the chief of his tribe due to not only his tall and lanky stature, but also his ability to identify illnesses and injuries and provide ample care without causing abject stress to his patients.   In the year 1181, a traveling band of priests arrived in the town and, noting the lack of farms and the general diminishing health of the citizens. began to heal the land and teach the people how to tend the earth. This caused a palpable divide among the people, as the culture was based around feats of strength and working metal into armor and weapons, not tilling soil and planting seeds. Primeheart was heavily taken by these devotees and learned their ways.   Not half of a year later, he left with an elven high priest to travel and see the world. His family, never really praising him in the first place, was dismissive of any permissions for him to travel, only stating that they hoped it would toughen him up to the harsh realities of the world. Thus began his lifelong journey that took him throughout the majority of the kingdom, through villages in bogs and ancient ruins teeming with nomadic squatters.   In the year 1182, they were making their stay in the town of Farbrook, tending crops and healing the sick, when disaster struck. A series of roars and heavy crashing echoed from the city nearby and smoke filled the sky. Over the next day, refugees began to make their way into the town, injured and carrying the mortally wounded. Primeheart, along with his mentor and several locals, began to heal who they could and bury who they couldn't. This severely traumatized the young goliath and paved the path of the next nearly two decades of strife and penance. On their travels thereafter, his mentor did what they could to help and, when Primeheart showed strong signs that he was finally healing from his trauma, eventually departed their own with the knowing that they had instilled important lessons and insights in the youth and that he would flourish wherever he ended up.   Finally being on his own, Primeheart didn't expand his horizons as much as he should have and soon found that the banyan wood near Cinderhaven provided every comfort he came to love without the trouble of closing camp just to stake up a few miles down the road.   Three months before being found by the Phoenix Dawn, he found a niche in gardening for a local tea shop called The Tea Garden run by 'world's tallest halfling', Kurt Brambleknut


In his hometown, he was one of many children trained in general survival techniques, with an overcast of general studies. With the arrival of the priests, he learned spirituality and how to protect and cultivate nature. This was expounded upon with the more in-depth teachings by his mentor.


In his youth, he was known to be an adept tracker of game and gatherer of medicinal herbs. When he traveled out of his town, he would not only tend to farmlands and the adjacent cattle, but also provide healing of the sick and even ceremonies of funerals and weddings. As he made his presence known to Cinderhaven, he acquired a job as a gardener and herbalist for the Tea Garden. He now not only does this on the side, but also tends to services at the Garden Keep (the Nature Temple) and the Temple of the Dragon Mother.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He saved the lives of hundreds of refugees from Cinderhaven after the Leviathan attack. Primeheart succeeded in the betrayal and eventual elimination of the vampire king Earl Goodsbury.   He, along with his heroic allies, closed the portal to the Shadowfell.   During the Week of Nightmares, he survived the epidemic and, albeit dealt a tense circumstance, saw the end to the sentient weapon known as the Mawblade and the renewal of the demonic lich Khalqua, the Eater of Dreams.

Failures & Embarrassments

He betrayed the vampire king who was falsely accused by members of VKTR, leading to the king's demise (albeit also cleansed resurrection, against our better judgement)   Every day brings some form of minor embarrassment, which is welcomed.

Mental Trauma

Primeheart recieved trauma from the aftermath of the Leviathan attack, leading to nightmares that still occur to this day.   The recent deaths of his friends are triggering these nightmares to persist stronger.

Intellectual Characteristics

Primeheart has a strong moral sense that values honesty above all else. Having many years of time to hone various crafts, he is known to be an accomplished craftsman, albeit not with accompanied proficiencies of tools due to the lack of access. Above all else, he has a mindset that he hasn't truly delved into where he doesn't see himself as a person, but more a force of Good. He still permits himself mortal pursuits because they are enjoyable and make others comfortable. He calls himself The Primeheart when speaking to the trees and animals of the Skyroot Forest.

Morality & Philosophy

Honesty is paramount, with dishonesty being a grave offense.   Nature should be protected, cherished, and respectfully cultivated to promote the persistence of life. It is our duty to maintain a connection to nature in whatever way possible.   The arts should be regarded highly with the knowledge that when one creates, they are permitting their sense of self-eternal remembrance, if the craft influences enough people positively.

Personality Characteristics


He desires to protect Cinderhaven, as it has potential for greatness and he has seen it burning in nightmares. He is driven to stay alive until he can find someone new to protect the city.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He has an incredible green thumb and can grow almost any native plant. His sense within nature for direction is exceptional. He has a natural ability to commune with animals and calm them.   He has no understanding of magic in any sense other than what he can do. He also can't keep any deity straight, except for the Primal ones.

Virtues & Personality perks

Primeheart is a good person who just wants everyone to be okay. He's insightful, brave, kind, and driven. He always has to have his hands busy with something, so he'll usually be writing or doing some form of work.

Vices & Personality flaws

He has latent anger problems that don't normally come out. He hates technology and how it keeps people from respecting the natural world. Even guns, a relatively mundane concept, are still against his creed and he will actively shy away from them.

Personality Quirks

When nervous, he will place his hand on his chest tattoo.


Primeheart has a pristine sense of hygiene and will go out of his way to smell pleasant and be clean.


Family Ties

While his family is, to his knowledge, still alive and well in his hometown, he was disregarded by them in his youth, so he isn't interested in seeing them. His five siblings include four sisters and a brother.

Religious Views

He holds faith in nature and the greater powers that control it.

Social Aptitude

His ability to converse with people is lacking, but he makes up for it with an insightful tongue and a strangely accurate wisdom.

Hobbies & Pets

His best friend is a three-toed sloth named Lash that he keeps at the Estate. He has also come into ownership of three awakened trees and a magical tomato plant.


He has a deep, resonating voice, but it is softened by his youthful and somewhat immature verbiage.



Friend (Important)

Towards Primeheart




Friend (Important)

Towards Pip




Wife (Important)

Towards Primeheart




Husband (Important)

Towards Kali



Legal Status



Friend (Important)

Towards Lark




Friend (Important)

Towards Primeheart



Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
The fourth in a line of six. Wanted. Expected.
Current Residence
The Skyroot Estate in the Skyroot Forest
Biological Sex
Cisgender Male
Panromantic Demisexual
Gender Identity
Primeheart is a cisgender male and uses the pronouns "he" and "him" to refer to himself.
Moss Green
8 ft.
312 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Ballyhoo" - a Giant term for merriment and fun. See: cowabunga, yahoo, yay, huzzah
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Having never expanded his linguistic knowledge, he only knows the common tongue and the language of Giants.
Primeheart cover


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