Awakened Dog and Wizard

Gareth Bravahund Gilgrim (a.k.a. GB)

Awakened Canine Wizard

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

GB is two and a half feet tall, with long, straight golden-blond hair. He is lithe, agile, and not at all muscular. He’s got He’s usually got a grin on his face and his tail usually wags with a slight preference to the right.

Body Features

Quadrupedal. You know. Cause dog. Covered in golden-blond hair with a white chest.

Facial Features

The white from his chest extends up his lower jaw, around his snout, and up his forehead in a single, gorgeous racing stripe.

Apparel & Accessories

A collar with a small crystal arcane focus dangling from it.

Specialized Equipment

Steampunk-style Arcanomechanical Armor covers his torso and lower neck, but doesn’t come up onto his head. It has seemingly superfluous gears that don’t turn and thin copper tubing. Small runes cover these pieces and offer greater protection to force damage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

GB is an awakened canine turned wizard. He grew up on a goat farm near Cinderhaven. Born to mundane golden retriever and Australian shepherd parents, the wizard Hobbes magically raised his intelligence and taught him in the School of Invention. He watched from that farm as Hobbes worked as a head of the resistance against the vampire king of Cinderhaven. When he’d acquired control over the smallest of the magics that weave through the world, GB asked to join the fight. Hobbes introduced him to a cell, knowing his student understood the risks, and GB worked with the Phoenix Dawn through the fall of the King and beyond. His day job changes quickly as GB’s curiosity is insatiable and his attention span is short. He gets restless after about three weeks of serving drinks and begins dreaming of working in the kitchen or the flower shop next door, or there’s that really interesting potion shop!


Hobbes taught him the rudiments of wizardry and he has been self-studied ever since.The School of Invention is largely about self-discovery, though there was also that semester abroad at The High Academy for the Celestial and the Occult.


Yes, please! What kind of position do you have available? Here’s my resume. It’s thirteen pages long. Highlights include pie-shop summoner, florist to color-experimental clients, restaurant greeter, candy-striper, and resistance fighter.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Most Widely Known Secret Resistance Fighter.

Mental Trauma

The death of Hobbes weighs on his heart. So much so that he doesn’t quite believe that he’s seen the last of his master and mentor.

Intellectual Characteristics

GB is relentlessly positive and friendly. There are two types of people: GB’s friends and people that don’t know they’re GB’s friend. He is primarily concerned with satisfying his curiosity and pleasing his friends. He lives in the moment. He stops to smell the roses…and everything else.

Morality & Philosophy


Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

GB finds great pleasure in the praise of others and finds himself greatly swayed by it, even if it seems obviously false to others. Unperceptive of people's ulterior motives; if it isn't on the surface, he probably doesn't see it.


Family Ties

Sister: Ivy!
Creator/Father: Hobbes Gilgrim, one of the legendary heroes of Cinderhaven
Step-mom: Cecily Gilgrim

Social Aptitude

Good boy

Hobbies & Pets

Puuurrrl, his cat familiar


An unnerving number of people are not impressed that he has the ability



"brother" (Important)

Towards Ivy Gilgrim



Ivy Gilgrim

"Sister" (Important)

Towards GB



Wealth & Financial state

Nearly none at all
Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
GB’s body was born to a mundane golden retriever and Australian shepherd parents, but his true birth occurred when the wizard Hobbes Awakened him when GB was about 6 months old.
A farm outside of Cinderhaven
Current Residence
Studio apartment in Cinderhaven
Not interested
Gender Identity
Big, brown, and puppy-dog
Long, straight, and golden brown
55 Ibs
Quotes & Catchphrases
“Have you heard about the School of Invention?”
“We’re with the resistance!”
“I got fired again.”
“I got a new job!”
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Dwarvish, Giant
Gareth Bravehond


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