Ep 1: “Glitter Deployment Unit”

Kasden 7, 1199

General Summary

A party meeting occurred at one of the many Phoenix Dawn safehouses. As they changed often, the exact location of this safe house and others is uncertain. Owen the human bard, S'xiktl Saxi the chiton paladin, Seldanna Arasys the elven cleric, Lark the goliath paladin, Kapesk Pesk the lizardfolk cleric, and Finkoo the halfling rogue were the first members called to action. This first group was informed that they, along with several others, would be forming a new cell of the resistance under the leadership of Zreet the aarakocra, and Tihra the half-orc. They were also given books, Hobbes’ Tome of Transcription, which had been invented by a resistance founder. The dwarven wizard Hobbes and his wife Cecily had fallen victim to the Vampire King’s forces, but his magical inventions were instrumental in the success of the Phoenix Dawn’s members. The books for their cell were linked and anything written in one would appear in all of them 8 hours later. There were twenty tomes linked to each other this way which allowed the Phoenix Dawn to share crucial information with each other quickly and secretly.   They received their first mission and were sent to meet with Pinbòl, a powerful wizard living in the Pearl District of Cinderhaven. They had been informed that his signature was a glorious, glittery beard. They stopped to get him a gift and acquired some expensive glitter at The Hooded Cobra, a shop that Pinbol frequented. Finkoo also began developing his now patented GDU, glitter deployment unit, as part of the gift presentation. The group arrived at the wizard tower to discover it had been ransacked and that Pinbol had been kidnapped. They searched the tower for clues and found a hidden drawer containing a magic mirrored ring, a scroll, and a magic brooch. Their only clue to Pinbol’s whereabouts was a note left for Aldion, the recently deceased Phoenix Dawn member, that demanded “the ring” be delivered in exchange for Pinbol and was signed “B”.   After deliberating how to proceed, they decided to speak with Tihra at the Greaser’s Union. In their haste to find Pinbol, they all went to speak with Tihra and she reprimanded them for risking the Phoenix Dawn’s exposure by all coming to speak with her. Exposure that the Phoenix Dawn could not afford to risk after already losing its leader, Aldion. She told them to speak with Bezel at the Clover House, a gambling house in the Pearl District, and sent them on their way.   Though originally rebuffed by Mi, Bezel’s servant, Seldanna was able to leverage her family connections to gain an audience with Bezel. Eventually, they met with a half-orc claiming to be Bezel but, during the negotiations, Owen was able to make a useful discovery. This was that Bezel is in fact a fairy dragon and was using the half-orc as a proxy. This was something he had kept hidden and Bezel was not pleased to have it discovered. The group also found out that, besides the Clover House, Bezel makes a lot of money by procuring items for other people so he was trying to acquire the mirrored ring for a third party. Ultimately, the group was able to trade the mirrored ring, Bezel’s original reason for going after Pinbol, for Pinbol’s safe return. Pinbol was very grateful to his rescuers and agreed to discuss working with the Phoenix Dawn. Pinbol also began to express a personal interest in several of the male Phoenix Dawn members, specifically Owen and Lark at that time.  

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Hobbes' Tome of Transcription

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August 7, 2018  


Seldanna , Owen , Saxi , Lark , Pesk , Finkoo  




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07 Aug 2018
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