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Scattered across the northern areas of Sologai, the Norrigen are a collection of clans arising from refugees of the Corvallish empire, often buffered from their southern neighbours by natural barriers such as mountain ranges or deserts. These clans generally live as disparate groups, each keeping to themselves and handling their problems alone rather than joining forces with neighbouring clans. However, they share a common heritage, and in many cases have made close friends and allies with the northern high elf enclaves, as each enjoys the others very straightforward attitude to problem solving.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ailsa, Davina, Fianna, Griselda, Ina, Kirstine, Mairi, Nora, Rhona, Shona

Masculine names

Alban, Baird, Boyd, Donnan, Fingal, Finlay, Gregor, Hew, Iver, Mungo

Unisex names

Blair, Caley, Greer, Innis, Leslie

Family names

Beatha, Camran, Duar, Fintain, Guinne, Larnach, Luthair, Mhorgain, Tod, Ulraig


Culture and cultural heritage

The clans arose from groups of humans who fled the territories of the Corvallish empire, choosing a harsher, but freer life in the north rather than live as second class citizens in the stifling imperial heirarchy. As such, they share a deep cultural distrust of civilisations and organisations who claim authority over the lives of others for a 'greater good', and of the empire in particular.

Shared customary codes and values

Noriggen culture values cooperation within the clan, as such unity is essential to thrive in the severe climate of north Sologai. Additionally, given their austere surroundings, they believe strongly in enjoying the pleasures of life, and celebrate festivals, weddings, births and other occasions with vibrant, raucous vigor.

Common Etiquette rules

The Noriggen tend to prefer a more direct approach to handling problems - they consider it more polite to cut to the core of an issue and deal with it, rather than dance around the problem for fear of offence or upset.

Common Dress code

Dress code varies between individual clans - however, in general Noriggen clothing tends to be warm and heavy, with plain tunics and dresses covered by thick wools or furs.

Art & Architecture

Norrigen buildings are typically made of stone, with the roofs often topped with wood, thatch or turf depending on which is most available in the area. However, the overall style of building tends to be relatively simple and utilitarian, with the exception being large communal halls for meetings or celebrations - these tend to be well decorated on the inside, often with artwork depicting well known legends or historical events of the clan lining the walls.
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