Zhun-Tai is a proud and serious man, an accomplished warrior, and as mysterious as any of The Lost. He does not speak of who he used to be instead he dedicates his life to the Empire, more specifically Rai.

Physical Description

Body Features

Zhun-Tai is an intimidating man despite his rather slim build. While not bulky he has a broad frame with noticeable though rather modest muscle. His build is identical to Rai's aside from height and the draconic features the other man is known for thoug more often than not there is magic placed over him that give him the appearance of them.

Facial Features

A rather effeminate angular face with full lips and a soft but strong angular jaw make up his features.

Identifying Characteristics

His eyes are his most defining feature, though without the magic he is still often known for his uncanny resembalence to Rai.

Apparel & Accessories

When not serving as a double, his usual mode of dress is a formal and heavily embrodiered wrap top, soft leather pants, and knee-high boots. He is almost never seen without an eyepatch over one eye, though the purpose of it is unknown, and his blade at his side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Most of Zhun-Tai's story is unknown as he refuses to talk about it and is honestly content blending into the background most of the time. What is known though is that he opperates as Rai's body double through the use of magics that add the features he is missing to match the man, primarily Rai's draconic features. He has served the man in such a capacity since before the birth of the Empire.


He presented himself as both Aromantic and Asexual for the longest time, he found however that was not the case after starting a relationship, hesitantly, with Avanya Vretiel. Leading many to wonder if she is the first person he has ever fallen in love with or felt any attraction to. The truth of this belief has never been confirmed or denied by Zhun-Tai.


Zhuntai finds studying and learning of the newest developments and advancements in the world as fun. As such he has completed several masteries in varying fields.


He works as a body double for Rai Reirha when there is concern of plots against him or it is otherwise necessary.

Failures & Embarrassments

The scar Rai bears is a constant reminder to Zhun-Tai of failing to protect the young dragon, despite how many times he has been told it isn't his fault and not to blame himself.

Mental Trauma

The act of being one of The Lost is traumatic enough on it's own. However Zhun-Tai has an extreme fear of failure and is quick to blame himself for any misfortune that befalls those he cares about.

Morality & Philosophy

He is loyal to a fault, once he has chosen who he stands with he rarely changes his mind. He believes whole heartedly in living every day of your life to the fullest you can and sticking to your decisions, choices, and principles.

Personality Characteristics


Zhun-Tai believes in Rai with all of his heart, he believes in the young dragon's wish to keep the peace and make the world a better place. As such Rai has become the primary driving force behind Zhun-Tai's actions and decisions.


Social Aptitude

Zhun-Tai is a very blunt and too the point man, social niceties are often lost on him. Despite this he is not seen as particularly rude and is actually rather well liked. He is capable of mimicing Rai to a near perfect degree though when acting as the man.

Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
His rebirth was around the time Rai started to gain attention and traction against the Dragons.
Current Residence
Etherian Palace
Naturally dark brown thin almond shaped, though most are unaware of that fact.
Long black, almost always mirroring Rai's usual styles and length.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rich Umber
8 ft
Quotes & Catchphrases
"This is ill-advised and idiotic. It will only end in tragedy, and yet I have never wanted something as much as I want this."


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