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Fthorskotos (Thor-sko-tohs)

    there is sometimes a sickly sweet smell when one is nearby   eyes always glow a single matching color and go out as it decays   magic (light based) is the best weapon against them

Basic Information


Wounds ooze a black sludge.

Genetics and Reproduction

Can form from the remains of almost any living thing. Those who have fallen away from the life cycle are prime candidates for becoming fthorskotos, they may suffer from Twist, had their corpse disrespected, or are consumed with hatred and ill intent that follow them into death. The creatures themselves are formed from the remains of an individual worn like a skin over whatever loose energy has taken refuge inside it. Whatever internals there might have been will continue to fester at a slower rate, parts of which are sometimes used as material in forming the body.    Individuals formed from plants typically only appear in stagnant areas. They are mindless, slow moving, and will attack indiscriminately, including each other.

Growth Rate & Stages

The loose energy will configure the remains into a form that best suits it. This process often enlarges the body the size depending on how much material there is to work with. Once fully formed it begins to waste away depending on how active it is. If one dies without being reintroduced to the cycle (often through a ritual) the loose energy will move on to form a new fthorskotos.
Average Height
1' and up

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