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Diamet Crafter

How in the hills could you get that wrong? We don't eat gemstones!
— Traveling Kort Marmor
  Skilled artisans of the Kort Marmor, who specialize in cutting gems for use as money along the Talamh Briste. This precision work is long, painstakingly difficult, but extremly rewarding for those who succeed.



Schooling Aspiring Diamet Crafters must have completed 253 years of Primary Schooling within their Craft Hold, as well as obtain a Letter of Apprenticeship from a Master Craftsman or superior. Physical Aspiring Craftsmen must have both eyes, both must function with or without aid, both ears, which must function without aid, and all ten fingers.

Payment & Reimbursement

Journeyman Craftsman tend to be given room and board in their local Guild Hall, provided they meet their daily quotas.   Master Craftsman earn a Emeralt per day they meet their quota, as well as having acces to Guild Ammenities.   Diamet Craftsmen earn a ten Emeralt pay per day, on top of Guild benefits.

Other Benefits

Access to Guild payed tool repair, room and board. Exceptional Craftsman become known for their Diamet cuts, and can even have their cut styles named after them in their Crafthold.



Cutting the ruby, topaz, emerald, and sapphire gems that the Kort Marmor use for trading goods and services.

Social Status

Except for the role of Kastet Carver, Diamet Craftsmen are the most admired workers due to their skill, precision, and honor.


Only about 16% of all Marmorians are even capable of becoming Diamet Craftsmen.



Gem Axe various applications.
Gnome Eye, 3x-15x magnification.
Dust Quill, used for detailed etching


Scale Wrap for removing burred edges.
Diamond Dust for etching.

Alternative Names
Coin Cutters
Only about 200 craftsmen are needed in most Craftholds to sustain the Marmorian market.
Famous in the Field
Related Locations

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3 Jul, 2018 14:23

Wow. I'm so curious about the length of time they have to spend in primary school- and the ear requirements :O This is super neat, and definitely gives me some ideas for the gems I'm using as currency in my own world! As usual, excellent article :D

3 Jul, 2018 14:48

Thanks Anna! They are basically Dwarves, so with a longer lifespan, more schooling is neccessary. You could do maybe 100 years of Primary school as a Marmor and have basically a 8th-grade education and then could go work the mines, farms and other similar jobs.

3 Jul, 2018 14:51

That's really cool :O

3 Jul, 2018 14:24

Is any particular reason about the ears and finger things? I can see problems with eyes afecting your job, same with the main fingers, but i don't see the relevance of the middlefinger or good hearing.

3 Jul, 2018 14:45

Fornthe fingers, the work is so precise that you want to be able to apply the exact amount of pressure you need. Inthought about saying that pinkies were optional, but then remembered how useful it could be if the Marmorian hand actually made use of it like I currently am in balancing my phone while I type.   The ears is because you want to be able to hear the sound your tools are making against the gems. They learn the exact sounds of good cuts and bad cuts and which sounds are fixable and which aren't.

3 Jul, 2018 14:35

The opening quote is really funny, and a good eye-catching opener!

3 Jul, 2018 14:49

Trying my best to make my opening quotes give the little nuances of my world the rest of my articles may not give.