Anma Natakka

Awn-ma na-tah-kah Soul Walk

Be free, my brother. Walk among your ancestors and shed light upon this dark World.
Llantatu funeral prayer
  The Llantatu, a slave species of the Fear, have long believed that the souls of their dead walk among the stars, directing divine eyes to their plight. As such, they revere the spirits of the dead, and do everything they can to present them safe passage to the Celestial Seas.


For generations, the Llantatu allowed the spirit. Of the dead to rise freely to the stars by placing them on funerary platforms outside of their settlements. Now, they must retrieve their dead from under the ground, carry them to open fields at night, and hold the body aloft through the night. No matter the weather, this task must be done, or the spirit of the dead may perish before it can join its ancestors on the Celestial Sea.   Throughout the night, the Spirit Guides chant ancient hymns and prayers, to keep themselves awake, and to protect the walking spirit. Before dawn breaks, the body is returned to it's grave and one last prayer is spoken tonthe departed spirit.


Spirit Guide The only members of the community present during a Spirit Walk are four chosen guides, who will assist the deads spirit out of the earth and to the stars.The four Llantatu chosen for this are normally brothers or close male relatives or friends. Rarely will a female Llantatu be chosen for the honor unless it is for a younger brother or sister.


Allowing a spirit to walk free can only be done after the Llantatu's master has buried them in the traditional funeral cairn. The night after, a select chosen from the community sneak away and uncover the body. In secret they perform the Anma Natakka, and them return the body to the cairn.


Author's Notes

Written for Prompt 22 of World Anvil Summer Camp!

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26 Jul, 2018 06:24

Nicely written!   How did they come to believe the stars thing?

26 Jul, 2018 13:04

I'm not sure yet. The whole afterlife thing is complicated in Variel, which is further compounded by my personal beliefs also being a bit lost in Greek translations.

26 Jul, 2018 07:09

Really well written, put together nicely, and the quote that opens it is a great piece of flavour. So they do this in secret? Do their master-species not approve?

26 Jul, 2018 13:06

The Fear are very adamant that burials should be done their way, following their belief. The Fear don't believe the Llantatu even have a spirit to give to the earth anyway, so the Cairn thing is sometimes a bit of a nicety. Thanks for the heart!

26 Jul, 2018 07:20

A nice article, with a lovely tone. Are the hymns/chants always the same ones?

26 Jul, 2018 13:07

I like to think there are a set that always get used, but then a few that rotate in and out solely on the singers preference.