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The 20th year of the Reign of the Sun King, Altai

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The world is changing.   The Divines have been weakened and Variel grows ever closer to securing a seat in the Celestial Pantheon. The Beasts of Kitroc ravage the countryside, while Oratio descends into madness. Reliaos, Father of Light beams light across the world, searching for any who could stand against the Tyranny of Chaos and reunite the fallen Illiasid with her home.   The Fear grow restless as their growing population pushes and strains against the artificial borders put in place by the Kort Marmor and the Dyn Bach . The many Nýmfi tribes war amongst themselves, while the Lacerta wait and prepare for total domination.   Deep within the world, something stirs, awakining from an eon of slumber. Mountains shake and the seas tremble.   These are the Changing Days of Variel.  
In the quiet corners of Ceann Tíre Dubh, the Síoltóireacht Síoda Trading Company employs three new members to their security team.