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Caoimhe Gealach

Her Celestial Majesty,The Midnight Moon Brenyn Targés (a.k.a. The Night Sun, Radiance)

My life is forfeit should I live one moment without the Moon
Gwrin Eburscon, Brenyn's Killer

Early Years

Born the daughter of a baker in the village of Ciúin an Lae, Brenyn Targés was brought to the Royal Courts after a counter-raid of the village in her 8th year, as the Murdiso Warlord Pačjo Ventro had marched into the Fears home valley. Her family on pikes in the woods, the Knight Cathal Gealach took the young girl home to Spéir Ciúin and raised her alongside his Squire and son, the 12 year old Heilyn Gealach.

Becoming learned in both the Arts of Battle and Writing from her adopted family, and quickly became loved among the Court of the Sky for her wit, grace and pleasent beauty. Within three years, she was sought after by various suitors, not the least of which was the Tiarna an Larthair, who owned every piece of land West of Spéir to the shores of the Farraige Bán.

While fending off many of these suitors over the years, she also became known for her kindness towards the lower class and her skill at learning stories and retelling them to those who would listen. By the age of 15, alongside Heilyn, she would pen the first volume of the Celestial Tales, Dawning Star.

War for the Moon

Having pushed aside many suitors over the years, the now 16 year old woman was pressured by the courts, and her adoptive father, to marry any who came calling to bring her to a higher place among the courts. Contemplating her choices and her wants, she was one night visited by the Tirana, who once again offered her his hand. She refused, and was forcibly taken from Spéir by the Lord.

Sequestered within the port city of Cnoc Bán, the Lord attempted to broker a marriage through force, but was soon found besieged by forces from Spéir. Among those forces were her own father and brother. The port was seiged for a year while Brenyn, called Caoimhe by the people she helped, continued to gather stories and tales, as well as teach and legislate. She became a member of the Hill Court, and began to lay the ground work for a future she had yet to see.

As winter clamped down on the port, the people began to truly feel the effects of the seige. By the end of the season, the Bánites revolted, killing the Tirina and his family. With Brenyn's council, they brokered an end to the siege and returned the woman to Spéir Ciúin.


Revolt in Spéir Ciúin


Returning home, Brenyn found that the seige had cost the city greatly, as much of its trade came from Cnoc Bán. The people here were worse off now than the people of the port had been under the tyrannical rule of the Tirina, and Brenyn brought this to her father. The old knight, himself tired of how his Order had been tasked with treating the common folk over the decades, led a new battle against the leadership of Spéir. The Ordú an Casúr, backed by the people who loved Brenyn in Cnoc Bán, struck against their fellow nobles. Within days, and with little bloodshed, the City of Spéir Ciúin turned over its lands to the people, and led by the new Sky Council, Brenyn its prominent leader, culture and the arts flourished.

Machinations of the Celestials

Beloved, adored, and nearly worshipped by commoners and nobels alike, Brenyn begain to go by the name given to her in Cnoc Bán, as well as accept the hand of the first man that had rescued her those many years ago. In her 18th year, Brenyn Targés became Caoimhe Gealach, wife of Heilyn Gealach, her trusted Knight, and the first of a new order: Ordú an Gealach, tasked with futher gathering of tales and stories, but also of taking the cities first census and tackling the arduous work of archiving the history of Spèir Ciúin. In secret with Caoimhe however, Hielyn began to sow a seed among Brenyn's followers: The people deserved a strong leader to guide them, not the weak and flippant council. Hearing word of this, and wanting to avoid the possible bloodshed that could come from another revolt, the council made quick headway at anointing Brenyn as the cities ruler. With her quick thinking and powerful hold on the people, she lead a swift campaign across the Farriage Bàn, uniting the countryside under one banner. By 22 years of age, she had become the first Queen of the Moon, bringing together both seas of Fear as the Spéir Farriages. Spéir became the center of the world, and at its heart beat the castle of the Gealachs, Cnoc Spéir.

Waning of the Moon

In her 54th year, Brenyn, forever at the heart of the nation, traveled to the port of Cnoc Bàn as was her habit in the late autumn. On the return trip, walking through a quiet wood with Heilyn and members of both the Order of the Hammer, their guard, and the Order of the Moon, her archivists and scribes, she was struck by an arrow in her chest. An unfortunate miss from a young hunter on the other side of a ridge had struck true in the Moon Queens heart. Quickly arrested and brought to the dying woman, the young man, upon seeing his arrow in his queens chest, pleaded for his death. With a last word of ragged breathing, Brenyn forgave him, asking him instead to carry on her work, as she did of all peoples she met.

What followed throughout the queendom was mourning, as the sky itself turned black. The first recorded eclipse of all three moons occurred the night of Brenyn's passing. A weeklong wake in both Spéir Ciúin and Cnoc Bàn preceeded her entombment beneath Cnoc Spèir. Yearly now, the Moon Festival celebrates her life work of storytelling, with nightly vigils and the gathering of poets and minstrels to the great cities of The Celestial Kingdom.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Generally fit, with graceful agility and natural strength. Wore spectacles for reading in later years.

Body Features

Light skinned, but delicately touched by the sun.

Facial Features

Sharp features, but with a softness to her demeanor that hides the sharp tongue and veils the piercing questions

Identifying Characteristics

Jagged scar on back of neck, goes down to bottom of left shoulder blade

Physical quirks

Left handed

Apparel & Accessories

Crown of the Moon

Specialized Equipment

Custom made journal to work with her left handedness

Mental characteristics


Trained as a warrior, able to best even the most spry of Knights in her later years, studied under Gregroch.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rose to prominence as a lady devoted to the people, founding the Order of the Moon, which acts as a Knightly order among the common folk to collect and peserve tales and family histories. Penned all three volumes of the Celestial Tales alongside her husband.

Failures & Embarrassment

While no fault of her own, the murder of the Director of the Suns Orchestra put a damper on her eldest daughters debutante ball, and an unfortunet blood stain in her favorite tapestry in the ballroom.

Intellectual Characteristics

Wise, quick witted, and sharp tongued.

Morality & Philosophy

Looked towards death as the hopeful culmination of ones life, a chance to be remembered for the good before being judged for ones failures.

Personality Characteristics


To protect others from unnecessary harm. To collect the histories of her people.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Skilled at Storytelling and Languages.   Is not good with plants.

Likes & Dislikes

Favorite Flower River Thistle Favorite Animal Dreagan Favorite Story The Forgotten Sister

Virtues & Personality perks

Genuine, caring, rational

Vices & Personality flaws

Inquisitive to a fault

Personality Quirks

Rubs right temple when thinking on a problem.


Enjoys getting dirty as much as she does getting clean.

Caoimhe Gelach, roughly 17 years of Age
Caoimhe Gelach, Sketch by Esther Okorie
Pronunciation kee-va gah-la, breen-ah tar-gees
Current Location
Spéir Ciúin
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of the Celestial Seas, Beloved Light
154 - 207 (Died 53 years old)
Ciúin an lae
Current Residence
Cnoc Spéir
Biological sex
Monogamous Heterosexual
Slate grey
Raven Black, colored with blue and silver dyes after coronation
3 Vanes or 27 Tyro
3 Faiger
Quotes & Catchphrases
"My heart belongs to my people, my body to the land. Only the man that cares for both above himself could ever hope to know me."
Known languages
Fluent Marmor,Dachian, Focail, Trade Focail   Adept Murdiso, Nathairese written
Character Prototype
Played by: Sarah Bolger

Important Translations

Both High and Common Fearian are related to Celtic languages of Ireland and Scotland. As such, the Name of Places and Organizations can be a little tough to figure out to new reader. Below are rough translations of general words used in Brenyn's story.   Farriage The Sea. The major seas of the area are the calm Bán, or White Sea, and the more tumultuous Liath, or Grey Sea, which lets out to the Brónach, or Sea of Sorrow.   Ciúin Quiet, a common term for settlements in the Fearian language.   Spéir Sky, though some translations say Heavenly. Both usages influnced Brenyn's use of Celestial bodies in naming her volumes of stories.   Cnoc Hill or Fortification. Cnoc Bàn is built on a hill that looks out over Farriage Bàn, while Spéir Cnoc, also built on a small hill, is actually so called for being a fortified palace.

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Caoimhe Gealach

Medium Fear Moon Queen of Spéir Farriage , Any

Armor Class
Hit Points




Author's Notes

This article was created fo the 2018 Ides of March competition, which required detailing the life and death of an important person of my world.

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13 Mar, 2018 23:38

What a beautiful character with a bittersweet ending! The details that stood out to me was her quote/catchphrase, the moon's symbolism woven throughout the article, and the brief mention of her eldest daughter. I am also curious to learn more about her knowledge in the Arts of Battle since and if there was any events where she used that talent. I was also wondering why Hielyn was sowing seeds in secrecy and if Caoimhe ever learned about her husband's secret plotting.

14 Mar, 2018 06:09

I guess I could make that section with Heilyn more clear Brenyn was the mastermind of that plot. As for battle, yes, she toom to war quite well. The first episode of Myths and Monsters about Koschi the Deathless inspired having her be the warrior leader.

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Very nice. So much she's been through and so detailed. I really love the names. Reminds me of Irish

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The ending was a complete surprise, I really enjoyed that well done PB.

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I think her not being punished was definitely expected in that situation and with her back story. What got me was that it was such an ignominious end for such a big character, I was really expecting classic 'buried in her homeland' or died in a war type antics. But I think this gives it a greater impact.

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Now I enjoyed this article. The death, probably the most out of it. It reminds me of a lot of old myths and stories of old kings and queens. Mainly Arthurian legends for some reason. I really enjoyed this article. Good work!

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