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Soul Rotten

Day 135

Samuel has been quiet for the past three days. He doesn't respond to his name anymore. He has barely been eating. Sweating in his sleep, murmuring and twisting in his tent on the nights. I should have not taken him with us. I should have left him with the Major. The boy has not even reached his thirtieth birthday. I do not want his death on my hands.

Basic Information


Whilst Soul Rotten retain some basic resemblance to the species they used to be before turning, the process leaves the body and mind more akin to that of an animal than any sapient being. Soul Rot affects the mind first, twisting one's mental capacity, causing hallucinations and a loss of self. When arcane energy attaches itself to an individual suffering Soul Rot, it begins to physically dissolve brain tissue, before attaching itself to muscle and fat. The end result is a twisted, blackened husk; skin stretched across bare flesh and bone.

Ecology and Habitats

Soul Rotten are perfectly suited for the dangers of The Lunar Scar. They thrive in dark, damp environments with plenty of places to hide and surprise potential prey. Mostly however, these at first seemingly pathetic creatures wander the dead planes without purpose. Other denizens of No Man's land seem to ignore the Soul Rotten, as if they barely even exist.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These creatures appear to be forever ravenous. They seek out living flesh to consume, even though it appears they cannot retain any solid matter, vomiting it back up in blackened, sticky bile. Interestingly, if Soul Rotten encounter a group, they tend to attack individuals with magical power first, before focusing on any other living creatures. If they manage to kill a spellcaster, the Soul Rotten often hover over the body, taking in the arcane essence before attempting to devour the flesh.

Day 148

He can barely sit in his saddle now. We have been feeding him light stew but he has been throwing even that much back up. Nadzieja said she saw blood in his vomit last night. He is loosing weight. Can barely lift his crossbow. At this point... having him with us is a liability. But I can't bring myself to take him away. I sang to him during my watch. Stroked his head as he slept. Maybe I am delusional. Or maybe there is hope still.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Soul Rotten appear to only exist within the Lunar Scar. This appears to be due to the specific nature of the magical energy which is rampant in that part of the world. Not only are these creatures only created there, it seems like they cannot exist outside of the environment which has created them. If taken outside the bounds of No Man's Land, they begin to wither and die, slowly loosing energy. In a couple of instances where these creatures have been seen outside of the Scar, reports note grey mist evaporating from their bodies, spreading a horrendous smell of rot.

Average Intelligence

soul rotten 2
by Brom
It is difficult to tell just how aware and sapient Soul Rotten are. This is mostly because their vocal chords are usually too damaged to make any comprehensible speech, and the row of sharp fangs certainly do not help any conversational attempts. Due to this lack of speech, or any perceived non-violent behaviour, it is widely accepted that Soul Rotten are not sapient at all, and are more akin to beast than man. Anecdotal evidence from spell casters who have encountered these creatures however does suggest some level of self awareness present in these abominations. Some people claim that when encountering Soul Rotten mages, they hear voices calling out for help, sometimes even for a merciful death. There have been no studies to prove or disprove this however.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All creatures afflicted with Soul Rot, regardless of any previous arcane aptitude or lack thereof have an amount of magic in them thanks to the affliction. This can range from an unsettling aura to being able to cast spells. All Soul Rotten, regardless of arcane ability can see in the dark, and have an innate resistance to arcane cold. Some reports also state that these creatures are immune to curses and magical sleep.

Day 159

He was too far gone. I tried, by the Mother, I really did. But it was more cruel to keep him alive. He wept and wailed, having to be dragged along on a stretcher. He could not eat, he stopped sleeping all together. Those gorgeous black locks of his falling out in clumps. I buried him away from the camp, on a hill. I marked the grave, and took his badge. I will send it back to his uncle next time we reach civilisation.
— Journal of Captain Anneta Żurek
Scientific Name
Relictum Animari
Average Height
3'2" - 6'5"
Average Weight
70lbs - 100lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Soul Rotten tend to have dark, blackened or greying skin with visible bones and remnants of muscle. It is not uncommon to see black and purple veins bulging from skulls and appendages of these creatures.

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