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Metallein - The Metal One

Divine Domains

Machines and Science

Holy Books & Codes

While there are no known writings of this era dedicated to Metallein, their cult regard the knowledge of the Pride's Rise era to be sacred, and are known to safeguard all ancient tablets that display the Empire's teachings. This is, of course, illegal, and explains why most members of the cult tend to keep their membership a secret.  


14th October, Barn Dag: Also known as The Day of the Child, this is the only recorded holiday acknowledged by the Precious Metals cult - always in secret, and away from the watchful eyes of Varen Central. This day is believed to be the birthday of Metallein - the day that Sil and the Empire brought them into this world - and is more a cause for introspection than celebration. On this day, the cult gather in large numbers - more so than on any other day of the year - and gift one another with whatever Old World technology they have managed to salvage and keep over the months. It is with these items that the cult attempts to make contact with Metallein, lighting candles and incense around the most valuable pieces, and activating what they can, reaching out in prayer to their machine god. On occasion, a sacrifice will be made, if a suitable one has been found. Desirable sacrifices include pregnant women and virile young men. In these cases, the uterus or male genitals are removed from the individual whilst they still live, and are cast into a bonfire, sending their fertility and virility to Metallein. After this, the sacrifices' throats are slit before a collection of Old World technologies. Those that are touched by the running pool of blood are deemed to have Metallein's blessing, and are infused into the faithful at the earliest opportunity.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Metallein is a creature created through a gross synthesis of the organic and synthetic, and was brought into this world far too early. Their goals are as chaotic and unpredictable as one would expect from such a creature, but one aspiration remains constant. Due to the Empire's meddling, and the gruesome consequences of Metallein's birth, they have been left without one particular capability - that being, the capacity to have a child of their own. As a result, this entity is embroiled in an obsessive, constant pursuit of the fertility of which it was robbed. They have made many attempts in the past centuries to achieve this - each one more horrific than the last - and still, no success. Alas, it has not been deterred, and it will never stop.
Divine Classification
Great Old One
Current Location
1,482 Years Old
Date of Birth
14th of October
Circumstances of Birth
Removed from their mother in the midst of her pregnancy, and kept alive through synthetic means.
Sønderbjerg, The Arenian Empire
1,017 Feet
12,500 Tonnes

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