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City of Neverwinter

On a distant plane with no relation to Faerûn. The city of Neverwinter, the center of the northern state just below the endless mountains that make up the spine of the world. A magical city where even the harshest of winters chill is stayed by ancient forgotten magics. For over 1000 years the city has grown and flourished because of the prized position on the coast and the unearthed treasures of the surrounding lands. A hundred legends have started here and hundreds more met their end early. The city welcomes all so long as they pay their dues. No race, creed or past will define you in Neverwinter, only what you do for the City and its people.   And who you work for.   The people are always watching for when the winds next change. "Work hard, and fortune may find you too!" as the wealthy will tell say. "Keep your heads down and take what they won't miss." as told by the rest. And throughout it all many strange tales emerge every day. Of monsters, bandits, ancient creatures and more. Of heists, love, glory and those settling scores. The city is always in need of help as factions vie for influence, wealth, divine power or advice from other sources.   The City is home to over 20,000 people of all races and beliefs.  

Major Groups and Organizations

Counsel of Eleven    

Minor Groups and Organizations

The Blessings of Change
The Druids of the Hungry Forest
The Explorers Guild
The Historical Society

Other Characters in the City So Far

Erasmus Dasmeralrus

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