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Winter's Warriors

The nation of Ghael is home to an elite force known as the Winter's Warriors, otherwise known as the Warriors of Winter. This force was originally made to serve as the High King's royal guard and act as their personal military. With the death of the last High King of Ghael, the Warriors of Winter no longer had a central governing body to serve. For a time the leaders of this force attempted to seize control of the nation for themselves. However, many opposed this and the majority of the royal army disbanded, offering their services to the kings of the Ghaellin provinces instead. Those that remained, overthrew the generals deemed unfit to rule. These men and women, still loyal to the original order, are now protectors of the nation as a whole. Policing the nation and settling disputes between provinces.   In the order's prime, the majority of these warriors could be classified as rangers, as training required the Winter's Warriors to be familiar with the lands of Ghael. This training included understanding the native plants and their variety of medicinal properties or their capacity to harm others. Throughout the Winter's Warriors, there are a notable number of soldiers that focus their efforts more towards combat, making them excellent fighters and berserkers. Even rarer are the mages, who's focus is dedicated to the use of ice magic, these Winter Mages often carry out the more dangerous missions within the walls of enemy strongholds.   It is forbidden for Winter's Warriors to leave the borders of Ghael during times of peace. However, the members are able to travel freely within the borders of Ghael and her ally, Turuska. When the High King has declared war on another nation, the Winter's Warriors are called to the castle of the High King in order to protect them or carry out their direct will at a moments notice.



During the prime years, the Winter's Warriors were once 10,000 strong. Now, there are only 5,000 serving the nation. Of those 5,000 nearly half have dedicated themselves to each of the Ghaellin provinces.


The equipment of the Warriors of Winter vary depending on the specialization of the warrior in question. However, there is a standard kit for every soldier. First is the uniform, blue cloth draped over one shoulder and tied at the waist lays over a dark grey, knee length gambeson coat. Loose, warm pants tucked into leather hide boots that have been tempered for the cold climate of Ghael. Tied to the belt is a satchel containing an array of medicines and field equipment tools. Among these tools is a specialized short sword called a Cutlass, mainly used as a tool to clear away the wild brush and forging a safe path in the wilderness.


The most common weapons for the Warriors of Winter are the war axe and the spear. However, many choose a preferred weapon of their own. It is not uncommon for these soldiers to use war swords and a shield or a short bow. Each warrior has their preferences and it was deemed necessary to allow the soldiers to be free to choose. However, once the choice was made, each warrior was to be trained specifically for that weapon and utilize similar tactics to compliment the unit as a whole.


While it is common to find a warrior on horseback, they rarely chose to fight while mounted. This was seen as dishonorable to the Ghaellin. Instead, the warriors would prefer to dismount before engaging in combat. Despite this, much of the equipment would be sent via a supply line with the equipment stored in wagons while the soldiers traveled either on foot, or by horseback.



Recruitment was strictly voluntary, and it was seen as an honorable path in life. As such it would be through social pressure, that many young teens would seek to start, and in many cases end, their lives in the service of the Winter's Warriors.
Overall training Level

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