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Skarva (He/Him)

Race: Beast Folk   Species: Snow Leopard     Favored weapon: Axe   Favored armor: banded mail   Homeland: Ghael   Home region: Turuska   Background:   Skarva was born in the mainland of Turuska, near the coast. His parents are (names), and are owners of their own land and manage an apiary. Most of the honey they make is sent to the famous brewers of Ghael. As a side business (his parents) also have a florist shop that is popular in their local area. Skarva worked the family business as both a laborer and as a guard over the estate.   One day, Skarva accidentally sets fire to one of the flower fields that lead to the destruction of six hives. In an attempt to atone for his actions, Skarva banishes himself and promises to repay them with his earnings abroad. His banishment lead to his recruitment into the Winter's Warriors, where he would mail most of his earnings to his family.   By leaving his home and family behind, Skarva had no way of knowing that his parents did not care about the damage he caused. They collected every letter and package they received and stored it for when their son would eventually return.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Skarva has a very athletic build and is clearly used to running long distances.

Body Features

Bipedal Snow Leopard in armor

Facial Features

A small burn just above his nose.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Straight male




Self taught


Kheltic Knights Adventurer

Failures & Embarrassments

At the age of 15, Skarva accidentally sets fire to a field of flowers. This results in his family not only losing one of their flower fields, but also six bee hives.

Mental Trauma

Skarva feels an intense guilt over the damage he inflicted on his family's business. The events of his past lead him to stare quietly at an open flame with sadness.

Intellectual Characteristics

Skarva I quite intelligent despite having no known education. His logic is sound if a bit direct. Skarva is prone to speaking in third person and has a tendency to become impatient.

Personality Characteristics


Skarva is motivated by his guilt towards his family. Everything he does is to provide monetary support for the damage he has caused.


Contacts & Relations

Close friends with Blaid Frost.


Skarva speaks in third person.

Wealth & Financial state

Unbeknownst to him, Skarva is quite wealthy.
Current Status
Recruit of the Kheltic Knights
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Contracts the Ice Curse Disease
Place of Death
Home town in Turuska
Icy blue gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Spotted fur
5ft 7in.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If Skarva does not like you, then you will know it."
Known Languages
Turuskan (native), Ghaellin, and Kheltic.

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