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The Kindred of Stygia are the fused bodies of fire elementals and Ramal Elves. In the ancient times, a Ramal Elf attempted to awaken the sleeping titan of fire beneath a volcano. In doing so, fire elementals spawned around the volcanic mountains and guarded the area from interference.   The Ramal Elves attempted to stop the sorcerer. During their siege on the mountains, many fire elementals had been freed from the sorcerer's power and began to help the Ramal Elves. A fire elemental and an Ramal Elf teamed together to sneak into the fortress of the sorcerer. Together they succeeded in putting an end to the sorcerer's plan however, the cataclysmic damage was done. The quakes and eruptions from the volcanoes shattered the Ramal landscape. The once fertile forest land is now a broken, smoldering desert. Ocean water flooded in and only the mountain cities survived.   Upon the sorcerer's defeat, the elementals and the Elves, were now stuck on a cluster of islands together. The rippling magic that the sorcerer expelled snapped back to its proper flow. When this happened, the elementals and the Elves on the islands fused together. Their bodies changing form, with skin like coal and their eyes and hair like fire. With their minds and bodies becoming one, they adopted the name of Kindred and named the islands Stygia.

Basic Information


With the form of an elf, skin like coal, hair and eyes like fire. The Kindred are a unique creature of Var'Verden.

Genetics and Reproduction

Upon the complete collapse of a Kindred, their internal flame is shattered, the Embers that remain grow into their own Kindred.

Growth Rate & Stages

Most Kindred, much like Elves, are immortal to age. However, typical adult ages are within the 100 to 150 year range.

Ecology and Habitats

The volcanic islands of Stygia is the ideal environment for the Kindred, they find no issues with the heat or toxic air within their underground cities.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Kindred do not need food or water to survive. Instead they find nourishment from the radiant magics of the slumbering Titan. They have also found a mysterious black metal below the islands that allow the Kindred to maintain their forms while away from the islands. As such, it is common to see a Kindred wearing full suits of armor made from this black metal.
A fusion between Ramal Elf and Fire Elementals.
1,000 years due to the struggle for mental balance.
Conservation Status
Independent Nation.
Average Height
6 feet
Average Weight
170 lbs

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