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God of Masks

The God of Masks is a single being whom, with the wave of their hand, can change the mask they wear. This change brings about different powers and different personalities. Chief among the many Masks are:   The Mask of Shadows - When the God of Masks dawns the Mask of Shadows their form twists and changes to a shadowy figure. This male shape with a female voice is known for keeping secrets and is sometimes known to enter the realm of dreams.   The Mask of Cunning - When the God of Masks dawns the Mask of Cunning, their form changes to that of a genderless figure covered in layers of blue and black robes, the pearl mask appears as a featureless face with eyes as black as the void. This being is known for their domain over intelligence and wisdom, however, Cunning is also known to be a liar. Thus this mask is also known as the Mask of Lies and is also seen as a trickster god.   The Mask of Nature - Also knowns as the Hunter's Mask, the Mask of Nature appears as a female scare crow. This gentle and friendly form is the mask most often worshipped by farmers and rangers. This mask has a second form however, once angered, the canvas bag over her head is torn open to reveal the wooden face of a Dryad, its eyes glowing green and the sound of angry bees can be heard in her voice.   The Mask of Strife - Also known as the Mask of War, this white mask changes the God of Masks into an armored warrior with eyes glowing like fire, a red hood covering the rest of his head. This form is highly aggressive and easy to anger. The Mask of Strife is often worshipped by soldiers and warriors ready to prove their worth.   The Mask of Art - Also known as the Jester, the Mask of Art takes the form of a minstrel. The instrument changes depending on their mood but the Jester remains the same fun loving artist. Ready to celebrate any occasion, the Jester is often associated with holidays and ceremonies.   While these are the most known Masks, there are others associated with day-to-day activities and even the seasons. There are also masks that the God has not yet worn.


Each mask serves as a separate sect, complete with their own place of worship. Each sect is named after the mask, examples include the Order of Nature, the Order of Strife, or the Order of Art.
Religious, Other
Permeated Organizations

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