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Aurea Wilderness

The general wilderness of Aurea is a wonder to behold. No matter where you are within the Aureate borders, the wilderness appears to be locked in a perpetual autumn. The grass is cool and just as golden as the leaves in the white bark trees.   Each morning, a rolling fog drifts through the landscape. Each night, the fog returns.


The geography of Aurea is a vast forest with rolling hills and open grassland. The forests of Aurea seem to follow along rivers and can grow so tall, that they house entire cities within its branches.   The grasslands of Aurea are no less spectacular with its gold grass and red wildflowers, the fields appear soft and rusted. The Elven towns here are build directly into the hills or have hills built over the structure.


The natural ecosystem is flourishing and vibrant. So much so that Elven rangers are often hired as guides for the roads.

Ecosystem Cycles

No matter the time of year, the flora appears locked in autumn. The fauna behave as though they hadn't noticed or just simply not care.


The Golden landscape of Aurea is widely known throughout the known world. It has become a popular destination for the economic elite to visit just to see the wonders of the land. Much to the annoyance of the Elves who call the land their home.
Alternative Name(s)
The Realm of the Golden Leaf
Natural Wonder
Included Organizations

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