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Rakrbrite, Cycle 230

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In a universe steeped in Magic, the realms of existence are awakened. The Ancients Gods, beings without time or age, exist within their ever expanding realms, intertwined in an eternal dance together. Elder Gods watch over their planes, some content to merely exist, others fighting for dominance. Two of these Gods, those from the plane of Life Nature and Inert Nature, have come together to create a new plane, a place of perfect balance. Great oceans span countless leagues, mighty forests flourish with magic, and towering mountains dot the land. This place is the Walking Grounds, a place for any and all to congregate. Millennia have passed, and many different races roam the world now. The Genasi, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, and so many more all live together in an intermingled web of nature and magic. The realms of the gods are changing, shaped by the beliefs of the denizens of the Walking Grounds. Wonderful beings of power or glory travel the lands, and terrible creatures hunt those who are not wary. The Balance is kept, and life moves forward.   NOTE: This is a hugely IN PROGRESS world. Many things are still being updated, and many more things are not yet visible (since I do not want my players for my campaign to get too much information quite yet ;D ).

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That Which Holds Belief Holds Power

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