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Vansia is a continent about the size of North America. It's similar to Earth right before the Renaisssance, but since all the major countries started fighting or cut themselves off from society, they didn't get the chance to develop as much. However, they did advance the more important parts of their society such as government and some science/technology.   The most prominent thing that sets Vansia apart from Earth is the existence of magic. The most common magic is elemental magic. People with this form of magic are called elementals (creatve, I know). Elementals have one of the following abilities: earth, water, fire, air, dark, light, and blood. Dark, light, and blood elementals are very uncommon. Blood power elementals have control over all four main elements (fire, earth, water, air), which makes them very important in military strategies. The elementals play an important role in Vansia's history.   It's HISTORY TIME. Back in the day, there was a big empire that spread across just about all of eastern Vansia. It's called the Luverin Empire. They're cool and good, except they keep conquering people. The leaders start getting corrupted by power, and eventually one of them gets assassinated, and in the ensuing chaos the empire falls apart. All the small countries in the west are happy that they are no longer going to get taken over by the huge political power that's eating all the land. The last ruler of the Luverin Empire (the one who got assassinated) was doing some real shady stuff, taking advantage of the loopholes in the government system and being really irresponsible, and ended up getting killed by his own child, Salis Ayari. Ayari was in with a small but important political group called Cutlass who were strongly against his father. Once the murder was staged, Ayari attempted to establish Cutlass in power, but nobody listened to them and it was everyone for themselves. Chaos in the capital followed, and a large group of congressmen/politicians/advisors/whatever tried to assassinate Ayari. He was thought to be dead for about a decade before he popped back up at some conflict in a way that would be heroic except after he helped win the war, he grabbed some snacks and left.   After the Luverin Empire broke, eastern Vansia was basically a giant jigsaw puzzle of gangs, tribes, kingdoms, dictatorships, and whatever other wonky governments you can think of. Everyone was fighting each other for power, food, land, and money, and nobody was really winning. This went on for a few centuries, before the elementals came along. There are a bunch of theories for how the elementals were created, and most of them involve religion, but nobody really knows how. They kind of just showed up and took over. Anyway, I already covered what elementals were, so I'll just continue on with the hiSTORY. There were about a thousand elementals to start with, but their powers made up for the small fighting force. There were a few elementals of each power that were a bit more powerful than the rest, and for the most part these people became the leaders of the group.   The people who became elementals were mainly outlaws or people who just had a depressing life in general, so they had nothing keeping them from taking up a new hobby of taking over countries. While there were many people   Okay I'm tired gotta go to bed