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Oldest records come from a large empire called the Luverin Empire. The empire covered much of the continent, but unfortunately I cannot download the map so I can't specify exactly where. It covered the entire eastern half of Vansia and a sizable area in the southwest, and was in the process of slowly taking over the remaining small western countries. At this time, magical creatures could be easily found in the wilderness, but had not been domesticated. The rulers of the Luverin Empire, however, were starting to become more and more corrupt and power-hungry, and sought to exploit dangerous magical beings for militaristic purposes. Many creatures were enslaved and forced to fight, and some pretty shady experiments were going on in government facilities. Discontent was brewing in the capital, and there were three pretty clear government parties. The first group included the emperor, most of his advisers and generals, and select intelligence agency officials. The second was comprised of many intelligence agency officials and high-ranking government officials and nobles. The third, and by far least corrupt, included the emperor's son and only heir, the rest of the intelligence agency, one or two generals, and a few high-ranking officials. The emperor's son was let in on his father's plans, and began to secretly push for change. Him and his political group planned to stage a coup and place the emperor's son on the throne, but they were foiled by the other government opposition group who just wanted to seize power. In the ensuing chaos, the emperor was killed, his son went missing, and there was a long, bloody war confined within the capital. The rest of the empire quickly caught wind of the lack of government authority, and began to struggle for power within their own states. The empire crashed and burned, quickly splitting into hundreds of tiny city-states, kingdoms, and tribes. Every one of these kingdoms were fighting each other, trying to gain resources, land, power, and money. The western countries were also dragged into the fighting, with the smaller countries attempting to steal anything useful from their more stable neighbors. Kingdoms began experimenting and enslaving magical beings just as their former rulers had, and massive amounts of deaths followed. This time of death, unpredictable murders, and all-out chaos became known as the Mærkan Period, after the figurehead of the second government party that came to be blamed for the misfortune.   Likely the biggest turning point in the history of Vansia was the creation of the elementals. Nobody know exactly how the elementals came along. However, I'm the author, and I know that they were created by the gods of their world. The mass-killings by magical creatures got so out of hand that the gods felt obliged to do something about it, and as they were not allowed to fight in the wars themselves, they made a race of warriors to fight for them. The purpose of the elementals was to bring peace to the continent, and the gods figured that the best way to combat magic was with more magic. They created eight different types of elementals, each with a different set of powers. There were water, fire, earth, air, light, dark, technical, and blood elementals. Blood was the strongest, and had the abilities of all four main elements.   Okay, I'm getting bored of this long explanation stuff, so I'll just give the basics. The elementals were led by Casar Ayari. She's the descendant of the last ruling family of the Luverin Empire. She's also the only blood power elemental. She's basically a dictator, but not of the evil sort (at least, not yet). She has seven advisors, one representing each type of elemental. The gods decided that the elementals weren't powerful enough to fight all the super powerful magical critters with only their powers, so they gave them an extremely powerful magical catalyst called the Harbinger. I don't know what form it takes yet, so as of now I'm sticking with a glowy orb that melds into a user-specific weapon/suit of armor/accessory when wielded. Using the Harbinger, the elementals put a shield into place around Casar that protected her from serious physical damage, rendering her essentially un-kill-able. Oh yeah, I forgot, the elementals are essentially immortal (but not invincible. They can be killed), so they don't die of old age. Or at least, none of them have yet. In order to create the shield they used a sort of magic called lawless magic, which is very different from elemental magic. Anyone can do lawless magic, but the magical toll is so extreme that if any normal person tried doing anything with it they would immediately die. The only reason the elementals were able to was because they had a super powerful source of magical energy (the Harbinger). So anyway the elementals fought for two nice-looking territories called Terresia and Novarren, and helped them conquer and bring peace. Now they have those two stable countries, and also a country in the south called Keronde which the elementals didn't help but were peaceful enough so they let them stay. They also let the western countries stay because they never wanted to fight in the first place.   I'm done for now, I'll come back later and explain the rest

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