The House of Dreams

The House of Dreams is the home of The Order of Augurers. It's an ancient structure which has stood the test of time since the ancient era and has grown much since its humble beginnings in the cavern deep below it, where The First Augurer founded the order many hundreds of years ago.   While a small village has now been established on the site for some time, the original House of Dreams stands tall at the centre; a robust stone structure of whitewashed limestone built to last. All of the exterior walls as well as the roofs are robust and well insulated due to necessity. The winters in the Parede Mountains are harsh and extended. While the outside is simple, the many chambers within designed for the augurers to practice their craft are elaborately decorated with stained glass and mosaic ceilings.   The surrounding houses are simple dwellings, usually just one or two rooms where the augurers and those in their employ sleep. Most of their work and studies are carried out in the main building, where they can make use of an extensive library as well as meditation chambers and communal study spaces, and in the House gardens.   There are also more elaborate rooms available for guests to the House. These have especially beautiful bed chambers in order to allow clients peaceful sleep while they have their dreams read.


"The House of Dreams is old, with its very beginnings built deep into the peak upon which it sits. Long ago, when the Order of Auguerers was but a lonely seer, deep in a humble cave, people still made the pilgrimage to see her, just as they do today." -Mater Filia
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