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Red Tempest Cafeteria

Vampires and normal food:

Young vampires under the age of 18 years need to eat normal food, because they are still growing and can not survive on blood/bloodberries alone. After a vampire comes of age (18 years), his or her body rejects normal food.  

Food in the Red Tempest Academy:

Here the food looks normal but the dishes have a vampirish twist to it, so the students can get used to the taste. These can be with sauces or syrups. There are dishes served without it, so the students can choose.  
These flap jacks have bloodberry syrup on them, so we can get used to the taste. I recommend that you stick with those with normal syrup.
— Nadia Dracul to Velika Lazar



  • Monday: Narinor breakfast
  • Tuesday: Flap jacks
  • Wednesday: Narinor breakfast
  • Thursday: Waffles
  • Friday: Simple breakfast
  • Saturday: Simple breakfast
  • Sunday: Full breakfast

Narinor breakfast:

Scrambled eggs, with sausage, toast and white beans in tomato or in bloodberry sauce.  

Simple breakfast:

Bread with various toppings.  

Full breakfast:

Everything from the previous days.


  • Monday: Scrambled eggs on toast
  • Tuesday: Noodles
  • Wednesday: Sandwich buffet
  • Thursday: Flap jacks
  • Friday: Waffles
  • Saturday: Sandwich buffet
  • Sunday: Sandwich buffet


  • Monday: Pasta
  • Tuesday: Stampot
  • Wednesday: Mantorboran's
  • Thursday: Pizza
  • Friday: Frying day
  • Saturday: Soups
  • Sunday: BBQ


A potato mash with vegetables and meat. The gravy is spiced with bloodberries.  


Fried rice with pork belly in bloodberry sauce.  

Frying day:

Fries/chips with snacks.  


Bloodberry soup or tomato soup, with bread.


Students and staff can access drinks during the day.  

Drink menu:

  • Variations of Coffee
  • Variations of Tea
  • Bloodberry juice cold or hot
  • Chocolate milk
  • Hot Choco
  • Other fruit drinks
  • Milk

Syrups in the coffee or hot Choco:

It is possible to put syrups in to your hot drink. It is not uncommon for the vampire students to put some bloodberry syrup into their Latte Macchiato.
Special requests or allergies, report this to Chef Skylar Valè
Opening hours: 
  • Breakfast: 06:00 PM until 07:00 PM
  • Lunch: 09:00 PM until 10:00 PM
  • Dinner: 03:00 AM until 04:00 AM

Chef: Skylar Valè

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Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location
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