Patriarchs of Qallanism


The Patriarchs are male bishops, metropolitans, and primates. They are considered chief pastors over the religious followers of Qallanism on the continent of Erub (there is a different method of organization of religion on the southern continent of Aran). Traditionally the Patriarchs are Human men, but doctrinally there can be women Patriarchs -- although there has only been one instance of this occurring. As for the other races: only Men may partake in our religion; the Elves and Dwarrow do not have the ability to partake in it.

There used to be four Patriarchs in Erub, located in various important cities. Uendale was, for a long time in history, a politically, economically, and religiously important city, so the Patriarch in Uendale was considered premier among the others. Over time, the Patriarch in Uendale began to consolidate power and expand his Patriarchal jurisdiction. Prior to the Blood Wars, there were, by this time, only two Patriarchs: the one in Uendale and the one in Olphadz along the Mendesian River in Alk'kir. After the Blood Wars and the Empire of Juraedon's conquests, the Patriarch in Olphadz was rendered impotent by the Emperor of Juraedon, and all Patriarchal powers were given to the Patriarch of Uendale, who was now the sole Patriarch in Erub. Nevertheless, Uendale was destroyed, and the Patriarch of Uendale relocated his office and court to the city of Ioulle in the newly established Kingdom of Seinis in Greater Huraedon.

It's only recently that the Patriarch of Uendale moved back to Uendale.

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