Ølvyik de Cloche

Lord Ølvyik de Cloche

He is the proud and stubborn patriarch of the primary branch of the de Cloche family. Even his name, using the adopted family name structured after the style of the south-eastern family estates of Seinis, but using the first name from his family homelands of the lesser hills of Northern Seinis, attests to the defiant nature of the man.

While his own father and grandfather laid much of the foundation of the House de Cloche that allowed it to rise to prominence, it was Ølvyik that personally oversaw the rising of his family and transforming it into the second most prominent house of the Kingdom of Seinis. He is a hard man and a busy man, but he is also called just by his subordinates. His intelligence is fierce.

He has two daughters and one son. His son was lost in the war against the Naharaim, but Ølvyik assured his family's survival by passing, within his house, a law of pragmatic sanctioning -- now even a woman can inherit the full titles of the House. His current heir is Laurentin de Cloche, a brilliant and capable woman who is also a part of the Order of Audurn, a prestigious order of knights in the region.

Year of Birth
1028 65 Years old
Biological Sex
Green, piercing
Short, trimmed, white

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij
Character Portrait image: by Teiku


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