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Treaty of Kalen

The Treaty of Kalen established the Alliance. A group of governments on the continent of Kesic meant to reroute the Zalonians who were invading the continent.


Established an alliance between a majority of the city-states and kingdoms during the Zalonian Invasion in order to repulse the Zalonians from Kesic.

Historical Details


Invading in 329 EN, the Zalonians threatened the continent of Kesic by demolishing the Thalonan Empire and nearly taking over most the continent apart from the Kingdom of Valencia.


Following the fall of the Thalonan Empire, the kingdoms of the Kesic began to realize that separation and infighting would lead to defeat for most the continent. Kingdoms such as Valencia, the city-state of Kalen, and Tresor lead the remaining governments in a coalition, which resulted in the establishment of a temporary alliance between each government that signed the treaty.

Public Reaction

Initially, the public was ecstatic in most areas of the continent, as many of them saw the Zalonians as a threat to the status quo. After 3-4 years of little progress against the Zalonians, much of the public would loose faith in the Alliance's ability to prevent the Zalonians from taking more territory.


The Alliance would eventually succeed in defeating the Zalonians by activating the Orb of Esser, which would isolate the continent from the rest of the world and destroying Zalonian supply lines. However, 4 years after the Zalonian invasion ended the friendships built during the alliance started falling apart as old rivalries became apparent and the various kingdoms were striving for power, as the Thalonan Empire no longer had any power on the continent.

Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
339 EN
Ratification Date
340 EN
Signatories (Organizations)

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